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A month long tribute to my favourite songs across all genres, with a feature a day for 30 days

May 28

Music Month: Song of the Day VEINTICINCO

I’m fairly sure that I’ve stated this somewhere else but most people usually take pictures in order to remember an event from long ago . For me, I use  music instead . . Veinticinco Music literally transports me back to specific moments where I believe I can taste, smell, feel and obviously hear a  past […]

January 10

Music month: Song of the Day VEINTICUATRO

Throughout my other entries, I have focussed on the joys of song, this time round, I want to speak about the contributionof a certain instrument and its impact on myself. . El Diablo – The Piano .  Veinticuatro Before breaking up for the festive holidays, I was speaking to a relatively new work colleague about their […]

September 21


Sometimes amongst all the noise and throughout all the bullshit, music can bring you just that moment of clarity that can shatter any previous perception you have of reality. For this entry, we see this in the example of where it’s not what you say that has the big impact but what is left to […]

February 23


A melody has the ability to take something in its original mute form and add a layer of decadence to it, almost exfoliating an entire new level of greatness underneath it. Like a graceful silent caterpillar’s triumphant emergence from a cocoon to unveil a beautiful melodic butterfly. . VIENTIDOS As you probably already know, I […]

August 10

Music Month: Song of the Day VEINTIUNO

We’ve all done it, come to a musical crossroads in our lives where we are presented with something that blows yoru ears off so much, that you have to re-evaluate your entire musical existence. Let me guide you through one of those pivotal journeys. Vientiuno Before I went to university I was pretty much a hardcore […]

June 25

MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day VEINTE

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a soundtrack to everyday life just to spark up those monday mornings, and there’s nothing better than a bit of epic music to fire you up for it. VIENTE After being particularly dubious about it, I was coerced into watching about 14 episodes of the latest doctor who this weekend. […]

June 18

MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Diecinueve

There are two types of people in this world. There are  people that got it and there are just people that don’t. Music has the best way of separating out these two types of individuals. This is as one set, as  Ally McBeal’s John Cage would say, clearly don’t hear the bells…. . Diencinueve You know that […]