MUSIC MONTH: Song of the last 6 years, 6 months and 6 days

Music’s ultimate goal is in order to help encapsulate moments and words better than words can

Is there a Doctor in the house?

After many posts on the trials and tribulations of my work in various forms, some higher order bastards have taken mercy on me and decided to finally grant me my degree of a Doctor of Philosphy.

I found out the news a few hours ago this morning and I am thankfully relieved the whole ordeal has now finished (ps, how tripy is the amount of time I’ve been studying it for, bizzare)

You may now refer to me for a limited time as Dr Pleut (I will not answer to anything other than that and fuck face till monday)

I always said when I finihsed, I would do a whole bunch of stuff and most of it, I will still try and accomplish BUT the one thing I said was that I when I finish, I would celebrate with this song, since it encapsulates pretty much exactly how I knew I would feel right now. So here it is

Russel Watson – Faith of the Heart (Enterprise Theme Music)

Secondly, as a treat for you all, I will leave you with an extract from my Acknowledgements page, since none of you will get to see it. For all those mentioned, you don’t understand your contribution to this piece, nor my eternal debt to you.


I would like to pay a special thanks to my friends, family and work colleagues.

I fell off the radar for what seemed like a million years in order to finish this. There have been Many Many missed birthdays, nights out, holidays, escapades, quality times and fun memories. The spontaneous ones are the ones I will regret the most but hopefully all your sacrifices are not held against me and certainly weren’t in vain.

I owe you all some extensive gratitude and without your moral support, this venture would not be possible.

 So while you may not get a personal mention, you’ve been clubbed in groups, you know whom you are.

 The Pleut elite Nurse Mani & Mr McMahon (my substitute parents); The Royal Russell/Oxford House collective; The D block boys/girls from Earnshaw; The destitute crazies from Sheffield’s most non-productive office, D1 (2006-2010); My lunch time buddies; The Boo boos; My Aerospace Selective; My ‘Forum Boys’ wingmen; My Showroom Arty Companions; My Medic Social ‘Fake Doctor’ Sponsors; My Surrogate Chemistry department family, My Bower Road & Broomhill lethargic Housemates; My Hype online family; My frog racing 1st XI; The 5th floor Coode House Hippies & flood survivors of 2007; DJs Benji B, Footloose & Edu for routinely keeping me sane at 3am; My free-food internal contacts; The Bloons brigade; my karate compatriots (and cockroach master disciples) & to the ones that got away (and the annoying one that stayed).

This thesis is just as much yours as it is mine and I would like to dedicate this document to all of you.

Danke & God Bless.


Reality Check

Now the reality of this is that even after all this time, i still know didly squat about engineering, so if anyone is willing to tutor me some stuff before I sink an oil asset and kill Ariel and sebastian, i would be more than greatful. The humble person inside me realises this isn’t the end but just the beginning but I am now greatful for having taken that first step

ps, that last bit was bullshit, I literally don’t have a scooby doo…

Right, where’s the champers and ze midgets…


Kool and the Gang – Cele(fucking)bration Wooo HOO