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The greatest of all evils, watchout

March 06

My Brief Brush with Acting and the secret Evils within the Media Industry…

Lights, Camera….. Throughout this blog, my loathing of the advertising industry and its extended family is no secret, you’ll literally see it scattered across all of my posts. So I don’t need to go into detail why I despise the industry as a whole. However what I want to do today is pinpoint one of […]

April 30

The age old magic of advertising : Winderoe’s ‘Grandpa’s Magic Trick’ ad campaign

Oh no, not this again Everyone and their chips should know by now that I hate advertisers, mostly because of their lazy stereotyping and their constant need to keep us consuming rather than creating. There is one thing I can’t deny though, the very best of them are perhaps the greatest storytellers of our generation. They […]

April 26

Magic magic magic…

Abracadabra Magic in its fundamental state is such a beautiful thing. The reason mostly comes down to the fact that human beings are pretty much cause and reaction based creatures. Everything we have built is based on this logic and rational. This is what helped us become rulers of our domains and even put a man on […]

January 05

The greatest piece of advice you should never buy into

Lick your lips… From the very moment we are born, we are being influenced by our surroundings And from the very first time we suckle down on your momma’s teat for a filling meal, we go from becoming one of nature’s unique beautiful creatures to nothing more than an empty statistic. We are now one of the […]

January 01

The Yin of Greed

The Yin of Greed There are certain phrases that are used by the general public to describe the dismay of life and things in general. But I quite like this one. Everyone can be bought for a price. A lot of people may argue this but the fact of the matter that the majority of […]

January 01

2012: The year of nothing

My vision for 2012 I’ve decided to name this year ‘the year of the nothing, inspired by the Chinese and their naming of their years after their traditional animals. For all of you whom are actually interested, this year is year of the Dragon. So now you know… But i will explain why this year […]

December 16

A bad case of the runs…

Every Journey begins with a single step The other day I happened to be doing my usual youtube searching for stuff and I came across something that had potential to rival my QUOTE OF THE YEAR 2011 (Click here for more). It also inspired me to write this lil piece here so I will combine the […]