MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day VEINTE

Sometimes, it’s nice to have a soundtrack to everyday life just to spark up those monday mornings, and there’s nothing better than a bit of epic music to fire you up for it.


After being particularly dubious about it, I was coerced into watching about 14 episodes of the latest doctor who this weekend.

And as much as I tried to do it hate it, I am ashamed to say it rocked my balls off. Got to give them alot of credit especially the writers

But in watching a lot of episodes in a row like that, you really get a sense of the musical theme throughout the program. Yes, everyone knows the intro is iconic with it’s weird shifting sounds and what not but there was one musical theme that just kept driving home a sense of ….what i can only described as EPICness

And you can’t help but get caught up in its wave of importance when it’s played during crucial parts of the plot.

So i didn’t particularly want this high to fall so i decided to download it.

and for my first instalment, i decided to listen to it while brushing my Teeth

and BOY


I’m pretty sure the sink exploded as I walked away in slow mo from it, but I couldn’t tell since Cool guys don’t look at explosions

My next task of using this epicness is warming up some beans in the microwave and scrubbing that burnt pot that’s been left on the side for about 6 days ‘waiting’ for some poor bastard to dare try and shift the shit.

But with this by my side, it’s picked the wrong fucking day to be dirty…

Trust me…I’m a Doctor…

Murray Gold – I am the Doctor (Performed at the proms 2011)


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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