Music Month: Song of the Day VEINTIUNO

We’ve all done it, come to a musical crossroads in our lives where we are presented with something that blows yoru ears off so much, that you have to re-evaluate your entire musical existence. Let me guide you through one of those pivotal journeys.


Before I went to university I was pretty much a hardcore 90s RnB fan. It’s all I listened to, and I used to create mix tapes and mix video music tapes to show people. It was a good time with lots of classic tunage to become the soundtrack to my youth.

But when I got to Uni, I couldn’t find one bastard who actually liked that stuff. I was completely perplexed at how a body of people could simple dismiss an entire genre of music.

Infact when one of my closest friends From uni first met me, in order to strike up some conversation, he asked me what type of Things i was into and on my reply, he mentioned that he had just got a copy of Koffee Brown’s latest album/

To my amazement that someone had actually heard of them, they created this beautiful song, which I wasn’t aware had sampled fleetwood mac but regardless, it was just sooo mellow yellow

Koffee Brown – The After Party


I asked what his favourite track on the album, to which he replied..


‘Track Four’


Clealy an avid fan, so much so that he remembered the ‘name’ of the actual song. Bless.Although it would have been great if he had gotten the track number right (it was actually three 😦 )

It’s still a funny moment we discuss to this day, he swears on his innocence though.

But for me it brought the issue.

If I was to successfully mingle with my new compatriots, I would have to shift my musical taste, but shift to what????

And then one random night in a club called ‘Charles Streeet’ after meeting up with some girls from our acccommodation blocks, I was sharing a boogie with an individual who will forever be known as ‘curly katie’, this song came on.

And it just felt like a weight of the entire universe had been lifted off my shoulders.

the opening few chords and just the relaxed chilled and before I knew it, I felt the same mellow yellow that Koffee Brown used to bring me. I never felt this type of experience would be possible, especially after just a single

And with that, I started my journey into the house music genre.



But back to the starting point, the eternal message, Don’t change for me…

What a cracking concept to provide someone, in a world where you are continually forced to meet unrealistic expectations of people’s misconceived perceptions, here was a tune about complete and utter acceptance. Good or bad, you were valued and ultimately loved.

Your motivations to grow and alter yourself should be for no one and you will always be accepted just because you are you. No more, no less. Just baby bear right…

Now how fucking epic is that as a drum to beat to?

But the whole thing was completely ironic because infact I did change a shit load about myself in order to fit in at UNI, including scrapping rnb altogether and becoming a house junkie and it certainly wasn’t for a curly haired individual to boot.

That is completely besides the point. As a metallurgist, I’m destined for some Irony in my life

Honest 🙂

Erro – Change for Me (Joey Negro remix)

The second verse of this is like having radio commentary on God creating the first star
truly, Truly Amazing


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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