Novembre Pleut (Urban Dictionary Definition)

Three stories, One meaning



As I do, One day i was watching a lovely cartoon called Superman Doomsday. It reaches its climatic ending where superman ultimately ends up fighting a not so perfect clone of himself. An imposter who had taken his place after the general public had assumed his previous demise.

Now in this clash, Lois lane stands on the ground while they fight and fly, at one moment the supermen collied causing shockwaves radiate from them, knocking shards of glass from sky scrapers.

As everyone else darts for their life, Lois lane remains still underneath, completely focussed on the battle, the shards of glass rain down upon her but she does not move, she does not budge, she does not blink and  she does not stop watching. Even when  it cuts her skin, she stands firm.

She is willing to see things through to the end, regardless of how she feels or fairs in the end.




Buffy’s sixth season contains a musical episode called ‘once more with feeling’, it’s joss whedon’s more creative and highly critially acclaimed episodes, not only from that season but the entire sub genre he had created.

In it, we find buffy who had sacrificed herself at the end of the last season to defeat a goddes and had been forcefully brought back to life by her comrades. But all is not right with the buffy that has returns. In the song ‘walk through the fire’, she sings…


‘I touch the fire and it freezes me,

I look into it and it’s black

Why can’t I feel, My skin should crack and peel

I want the fire back’


She displays the notion that something isn’t quite right with her current disposition and while incapable of doing anything about it, she relishes that sense of normality she once had.



I’ve always had a thing of naming twin brothers and sisters october and november respectively. And my Love of the french ‘bre’ sound meant their names would be even more poetic as Novembre and Octobre



The rain is a play on words of Reign as I believe as parents our jobs are to be the present servants to the future kings of this existence. So it worked.

So this in a case is not necessarily a website for you or for me, but for my yet to be conceived offspring to find one day. Hopefully they can relate to their biological doner as a person and it helps inspire them do whatever they wish to in their lives.


C’est Tout

Since I fell mostly effeminate on the net, I use the guise November rain but I soon found out this was a Guns n Rose song (purely coincidental). in order to mask my ignorance, the term has been draped in a tongue that is foreign yet familliar enough to make one think ‘oooo’

so there you have it.

Hope that provides enough background into the author without overshadowing the pieces themselves.

Take care and have fun splashing around folks.