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Tales I have written covering literally anything

March 04

Spero Caecus (Blind Hope)

Spero Caecus . A woman, enters into a marriage, Hoping her future husband will someday change But he never will . A man, enters into a marriage, Hoping his future wife will never change But she always does . Advertisements

August 03

The Cure

 Test Subject Feedback on Vaccine Trials: Attempt XX . . Doctor, please This medication you prescribed… I need some more . It tinkers around with my insides It fixes me It keeps me alert and attentive. It helps me sleep It provides me with clarity It helps me focus on what’s truly important . It makes the voices go away. It makes […]

November 04

The Death of Khurri…

Bonjour my British Chuuuummmsss… I would like to inform you that I have recently been honoured with the  privilege to write a piece for one of YOUR weddings!!!! That’s right, one of my wonderful viewers was so taken aback by my pieces (God knows which one but they say never look a gift horse in […]

October 20

My Gran-diloquent speech

On the eve of my 50th anniversary with my beloved partner, I was cordially asked by one of my nosy grandchildren to  ‘Give 15 reasons why I never killed Grandpa?’ Now my instinctive response was to blare out…  Well he wasn’t always a little shit!!! After pausing and steering at the man himself fumbling with his […]

November 25

These are my confessions…

Hold your breath Inhale I Emilia, of sound body and mind, am writing to you to confess to something treacherous. I have haboured this crime for a long time And never once dared tell a soul. I now feel that it’s time to confess my sins to you. Even though this will never justify the […]

June 01

The first time ever I saw your grace…

I remember the very first time I saw you. . . Now don’t get me wrong, this wasn’t the first time that I physically laid eyes on you because we’d known each other for years. But literally the first time I felt your presence , the first time I was moved by your nature as it intertwined […]

February 25

Intelligently designed to suffer.

Stealing the flame-containing limelight I was conceived  from an aging frozen egg and a defected sperm cell I am the accumulation of the worst possible traits from my  biological mother and my father I was born with every birth deficiency you could imagine I was abandoned by them as they took part in a cult […]