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April 10

How I Met Your Mother vs The Wonder Years – The paradigmal shift in finding the love of your life

Thanks for the memories After nine long years on the air, this week, the hit show ‘How I Met Your Mother’ (HIMYM) aired its final episode, drawing the successful comedy to a close. *sniff* . . Since there will be plenty of people already writing about the specifics of the finale, I’m gonna steer well clear […]

April 02

Everything right and wrong with the world in 3 minutes -Homeless lottery winner prank

You know when I Said I was gonna kill you last…I lied I know I know, I’ve just put up a post about being done with youtube and yes, this post is going to be about a specific youtube video I watched, and YES, today is April’s fools but all these things are purely coincidental […]

December 27

Building the perfect woman from celebrity leftovers….

We have the technology, we can built it We’re all guilty of doing something along these lines at one point or time or another Dissecting people into individual attributes and liking them as sums of parts rather than complete individuals. Then we take this modular approach to affection If only he had this other guy’s […]

December 07

Letting go of ‘Not letting go’….

A relic of a relic For some odd reason I remember being a Sylvester Stallone fan when I was younger. I’m personally not a fan of this revival stuff like the new expendables/rocky balboa etc. I generally think it’s a means for some people to cash in since they’ve  amassed a significant amount of free […]

May 28

My favourite Porno

Here we go again Awhile ago, I went into great detail to describe to you my very first real orgasmic experience. . Voila if you are interested in catching up . Since it’s been one of my most viewed pieces, I thought I would follow it up with a similar subject to get all your […]

April 09

Lord Sugar’s isn’t so sweet

You’re Liared (to) Alan sugar is a big fat hypocrite . For years he has been Britain’s equivalent to that comb over fuckwit Donald Trump,on the hit TV show, the apprentice. Pretending to give those who deserve it, a chance at the big time, but instead just being a royal cunt. Known for his hard […]

April 06

I know now why I cried but it is something I can never do again

A long time ago in a galaxy far far away… Before I died inside, I remember being quite emotional and emotive as a child. Peering back into a reflective mode, manages to re-ignite some of those old emotions I felt back then, via some sort of nostalgic time machine. I can however take those emotions […]