MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Doce

As we grow older we tend to shift our musical tastes in order to incorporate new preferences in life But music has the magical ability to change to fit those appreciations as well, while keeping its original essence.

Same same but different



Over the last few years, I have really started to appreciate the art of DJ-ing. I am not talking about the lost art of spinning records in a club (now replaced with people turning up with pre-determined set lists on an laptop), but Song production.

An acapella of a song would be released and you would have DJs all around the world having a stab at turning that song into something more pallatable for their own markets.

It’s an artform, keeping as much of the original to make it intact and viable for its original market source while altering it enough to make it fitting for yours.

You can end up with two specifically different songs.

While the trend before was to take an old beat/song and jazz it up, perhaps make it a dance number, a reinterpretation of its former sense for the younger market, a new trend has emerged.

As the people making the records now have aged, so too have their fan base and now what they are doing are taking more upbeat tracks and making them more chilled. So while their children head out to clubs for the first time and can headbang to the originals, their parents can either sit indoors with their duped up sound systems or go to swanky bars and relive their glory days in a much more chilled pacing.

I now find myself at a point in my life straddling both streams and I presume many of you are two.

So for today, I will be providing two sets of songs, that have an upbeat dancing side to them, while having more melodic chilled remixes.

The first set come from Nuyorican soul and are featured on their album. The chilled version of this song is called ‘I am the black gold of the sun’ and is done by the same bunch of people. Two great songs that actually are played straight after one another in the album other way around) and a great example of same same but different.

Nuyorican Soul – It’s alright, I feel it

Nuyorican Soul – I am the Black gold of the sun


The next installment is from a computer named flying lotus who created this masterpiece (well in some eyes) track known as Computer face. I must admit on first hearing it does seem a lil crazy but it does down a treat in the right club. The alternate version is actually a stroke of genius and an operatic filtering of the beats by a man known as Miguel Atwood-Fergoson.  The results are surprisingly amazing.

You really should check him out, he’s got some amazing stuff out there, really pioneering the orchestrial movement at the moment and making it comtemporary. YOU HEARD IT HERE FIRST

Flying Lotus – Computer Face


Miguel Atwood-Ferguson – Computer Face


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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