MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Dieciocho

Music has the insane ability to reflect on someone’s entire being during moments of deep sadness. In modern culture, when a loved one has passed a way, a service is held where a single song is played, either a personal favourite of the deceased or a piece summing up their contribution to their friends and family as a whole.


Apologies for the long wait for the this installment of the music month daily song. I have been thoroughly busy with every day life and I am mortally drained. So drained I feel dead.

Which brings me onto the morbid subject of today’s piece. A funeral final song is not something many people would like to think about in their youth but seems to start to creep into your mind once you either start attending funerals on uncanny basis or start reaching an age where you no longer feel immortal.

Also in this day and age, people tend to be taking control of their funeral arrangements more. Some leaving money put away to pay for the services they want, where they want and how it should all go down. There is also a trend for living funerals where someone who is about to die gathers their loved ones to celebrate the life they’ve had.

So when trying to pick a soundtrack to your entire life, or to the sadness of your death, it’s a tricky thing indeed.

But after a bit of thinking, I came up with two distinct ideas.

The first one is a piece from the film ‘Final Fantasy’ Advent children, which is an operatic piece played during an early part of the film, which gets viewers up to speed on the death of a very important character in the franchise.

What I enjoy about this piece is the mixed male/female contributions of the choir, the beautiful use of latin and tones, not to mention the speed of singing itself which allows a listerner to take onboard a sense of internal struggles associated with it’s cumulation of all events leading up to its intial breath.

The latin translation of itself also gives the song a sense of worth but a completely different sense than just allowing it to take you on to its natural conclusion on its own.

Infact, I wrote a piece on this a while ago called

‘Gained in translation’

and while I try very carefully not to re-use any songs during this music month, I couldn’t deny this piece on a formality.

In a sense, it just captures the simplicity, the beauty and the tragedy of life and sacrifice in a perfect circle of damned reflection. Capable of rendering tears from stones.


Nobuo Uematsu – The Promised land (Final Fantasy 7 – Advent Children Soundtrack)


The second piece however has more of me instilled in it. A crafty tiny piece that pretends to be one thing while secretly being another, intelligently put together to be explored in layers either instantaneously by the enlightened or crept over by everyone else in years to come.

But the idea of playing ‘if you’re happy and you know it’, just sounds utterly delicious and would catch so many people off guard. However, it would have to start off slowly like so and eventually speed up. I could just imagine hearing the first people to catch it as they start clapping and laughing with everyone eventually catching up.

But it seems there’s no videos of this on youtube so the closest least appropriate thing I could think  of was this. It’d be worth its weight in gold for the looks on everyone’s faces.

And if you’re going to go out, you might as well do it properly. You only get one shot to make a last impression.


God (clearly) – The Jizzard of Oz


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