MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Treze

Without a shoadow of a doubt, all great films that come out are heavily supported by their great soundtracks.


Today, since it’s May the 4th, I would like to dedicate a lil bit to one of the greatest films franchises of all time.

Star Whores Wars

Back in 1999, The world was awaiting the return of its great messaih. The legendary George Lucas had yet again decided to tell the story behind his greatest work, and embark upon a path to unveil the prequels and the journey behind cinema’s greatest villain and its ultimate hero. Anakin Skywalker, better known as Darth Vader.

As release day closed in, any clips at all were considered a joyful occassion, You must remember, this was well before the day of an easily accessible internet in order to quench one’s thirst for information.

MTV managed to strike a deal and launched an inclusive music video for the film. The music video would ultimately act as a buffer behind-the-screens/trailer all access path while quickly getting us addicted to the melodic tones of the star wars music, updated for this generation.

I still remember the moment cleary whenI first saw it and to be fair, the four minute trailer is probably one of my favourite viewing spectacles to date. Never has music and film been spliced together in such serendipitous rapture.

I was hyped, almost too hyped, but as you know, the rest was history.

However, you can’t fault the advertising and musical theme for this and ultimately they still created an art masterpiece which still stands today, regardless of the product they were trying to endorse.

So just by chance, I’ve luckily found some old mtv footage around about the same time, to capture the spirit of the time. It is not the premiere itself but I presume a few hours later.

So today’s musical time will take us back a long time ago, to a galaxy far far away, when a generation of people still had religious belief in bearded hacks.

george lucas is a hack

John Williams – Duel of the Fates (Phantom Menance Theme)


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