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July 12

Final BLEACH 4th Level Secret: Yhwach’s True Identity Hidden under your noses

Bleach is finally coming to an end So at the beginning of chapter 680, we get this semi colour picture of Yhwach highlighting that the end of coming to Bleach with the number of chapters remaining blurred out for effect. . . Everyone was leaning to the number of remaining chapters being similar to what happened […]

March 06

My Brief Brush with Acting and the secret Evils within the Media Industry…

Lights, Camera….. Throughout this blog, my loathing of the advertising industry and its extended family is no secret, you’ll literally see it scattered across all of my posts. So I don’t need to go into detail why I despise the industry as a whole. However what I want to do today is pinpoint one of […]

June 08

4th Level Bleach secret about Yhwach MAJOR UPDATE!!!!

Update So I originally put this theory together back in June 2014. Even though it appears to have gone down well, the story has since progressed since then. Alot of you have been using some new information as a means to debunk this theory. While I have no problems with being wrong, I will dissect this new information […]

April 25

My Avengers: Age of Ultron Die-Hard Fan constructive critique (MAJOR SPOILERS and some fanboy whining AHEAD)

Seen it So on Thursday 23rd May, I had the pleasure of watching the midnight showing of Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron. . . I remember I wrote a little tidbit about the first one when it came out, and because this film is out early in the UK (compared to the US launch of […]

December 31

Best looking weapons in the bleach universe

Moneky See, Monkey Do I saw a thread about this on a forum I frequent and thought it would be nice to put together a list of my own. So here it is, my favourite Bleach weapons. For me, weapons translate to anything that can be used in combat, offensively or defensively. This means my […]

December 20

Naruto Tribute: My favourite moment

My Favourite Naruto Moment As part of my double tribute to Naruto ending  (first part here), I thought I would share with you some stories from it that hold a special place in my heart. I’ve already shared one of these stories in an earlier posts, A story about a combatant with no natural talent […]

December 19

Naruto Tribute: The End of an Era

All good things must come to an end In 1995, the tale of a unique hero drew to a close and for many young people, an era of their lives came to an end. . . The grand daddy of Shonen Dragonball , created by Akira Toriyama, published its last manga chapter and only a […]