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Little gems that I have stumbled on each year that have made my life that bit more interesting going forward

February 24

Quote of the Year 2016

Ahoy, Well who would’ve though it’s the end February already? Time certainly is rocking on and I am far faaar behind on my writing schedule in general I apologise for this delay, I started out wanted to write a single post on the Friendship and it spiralled into a series. For completeness I wanted them […]

January 02

Quote of the Year 2015 – No Thanks, I’m Good

Another Year, Another Dollar Ah yes, it’s that time of year where I reflect on the most influential words to reach my ears over the course of the last 365 days. . . Since we’ve all just recently attended some form of New Year’s party of some sort, I think this one is not only one […]

December 17

Quote of the Year 2014

Finally Ha, so this is my entry for 2014’s Quote of the Year. . . I’ve been sitting on this gem for most of the year but as soon as I heard it, I knew it was going to be the winner of this little prize. I’ve actually been dying to tell someone about it […]

November 23

Quote of the Year 2013

Shazam!!! Right, after finally managing to catch up on my yearly entries, I can now push forward to describe to you my Quote of the year 2013. Now this year, I have been quite the adventurous bunny with trips around the world I made it to Amsterdam for a smoke up I made it to […]

November 17

Quote of the Year 2012

First of all, if anyone is interested, I will post links to my Other ‘Quote of the Year’ Pieces for reference Quote of the Year 2010 Quote of the Year 2011 Right on with the show This is a super duper late entry but I have found myself a quote of 2013 and I am […]

June 10

Quote of the Year 2011

At the End of Last year, I wrote an entry called Quote of the Year 2010 (click to read it), which I enjoyed writing, so I think I’m going to carry on from this tradition It’s abit early to make this one but I think i’ve already made up my mind of this a couple […]

March 15

Quote of the Year 2010

Upon readily listening to music one day, I heard, No, (to hear would to be to misrepresent this emotion),  I was overriden with the compulsion to listen carefully to this extract. It took me by surprise right at the beginning of Jay Electronica’s Exhibit A (transformation), while it was bumbled out like an extract from a […]