MUSIC MONTH: Go to the westerly beech for salvation

What does the rain idol when not muted by its own splashes

I thought it was about time to write my second musical dedication as part of my Music Month theme (which seems to be lasting forever, sooowwwwyyyyy).

This will be numero 2 of a total of five in total. To see the first one,

 please click here

But in order to explain the magnitude of this person and their impact on me, I must first delve in things that make me bit

Here comes the totally Uneccesary waffly bit

Most people that know me in the real world know that I am an incredibly hard bugger to please. The very moment someone expresses a genuine liking towards something, I immediately become sceptical. I guess it just plays into my need to not conform.

I don’t watch trailers for shows I like as I don’t want them tainted by the opinions of advertisers

I avoid the spoilers after epsidoes of shows I do watch in order watch them as they should be viewed

The majority of things recommended to me by people tend to suck donkey ass. I just don’t buy into most people’s hype about things.

and because of this, I understand the fuss and mostly tell people not to involve me in their loves as they will not be the same as my loves (unless we stumbled upon them uniquely)

And in return, I generally keep my loves separate from others. It keeps the peace and I know the feeling of going to watch something you thoroughly enjoy with someone, only to have them say ‘I don’t get it’ at the end of what you consider a masterclass in enteretainment.

There is nothing better than stumbling upon something by accident and finding a real hidden gem in it. And I understand that in itself renders this entire post completley null and void but please humour me.

But in short, it is really really hard to convince me that something is good straight off the bat.

The worst of this is music. Even songs I love today, normally take a good three/four random listenings before they become part of my fan love. I guess I like to recognise a piece of music while its playing and this is why

This is also why I tend to enjoy pieces of music that are somewhat repetitive and long, so I can get virtual multiple listenings over just a few instead.

But all in all, I am a hard cookie to crack.

Which is why this artist


You want to know what it sounds like to be saved?

Awhile back in 2007, I was invited to go down and see the Quantic soul ochestra in sheffield at the Tuesday Club, a swanky student night out which was revered for its artistic draw. I had never heard of the Quantic Soul Orchestra I thought fair enough, it seemed like it would be a decent mid week night out and to be fair, I had nothing better else to do. They had been hyped up so I had a feeling they wouldn’t sit well with me but what the hell, right?

But as we came in, someone else was performing as a warm up I thought, I didn’t initially take much notice of them and carried on chatting with my friends

But then as then they came off and the whole place prepared for what i thought was going to be the soul orchestra but it wasn’t

and what instead happened was that this beautiful song just started playing out of nowhere

It had never happened before but I liked it instantly and got a great vibe from it.

I thought it was a fluke but then they played the next song and the next  song and the next song and the next song and the next song

FOR six straight songs, I couldnt comprehend what my ears were hearing, just magic after magic after magic. It was as if my soul had finally heard its pied piper melody calling it home. Musical bliss at the heart of everything that just encapsulated my very soul as a universal concept. I had my anthem.

The only thing I could think of as his set came to an end is…

Does this new diety of mine have a name


who do I pray to as part of this new found religion?

From the booking leaflet posters, I found out its name.

My lord’s name was some gimp from Bristol going as



Let’s do the time warp again….

One of the great things about technology now is that For some odd reason, the event was captured and placed on youtube, so I can literally share this experience with you as it happened

Ben Westbeech – Live at the Tuesay club

Then the bastard had the audacity to finish with this???????


A comteporary drum and base track, mixed in with a modern jazz piano tempo. K-boomalicious.

I hunted this guy down for yonks

and when his album finally came on, I spent the next 68 minutes dancing around my house with the speakers on full blast like the nutter I am.

Song after song after song of unrelenting serendipty. To say anything less would be blasphemous as I recreated that night once again.

It was certainly one of the best overall experiences I have ever had

Current Findings

As time moved on, I found other saviours in music (of a similar name but I will get onto that later) and I believe this is the last album from an Artist I have actually purchased. My musical tastes have moved on to the digitial era now and this meant that I didn’t get to listen to his album often at all.

But recently I picked it up and put it on again and it was just bliss.

Not only that but I heard that he released another one last year called

‘There’s more to life than this’

I’ve listened to only a  couple of tracks off it but it still cuts through me and glues me back together the way I was meant to be in EXACTLY the same way as the first album did.



Let your feelings go


Summer’s loss


Have you ever tried to describe something beyond your comprehension?


Well this is such a time. His music isn’t simply listened to, it’s felt.And the ramifications of that audio sensation are felt instantaneously. Felt with every fibre of your soul.

And when you are a pile of dust in a shallow grave or a pile of dust scattered over a floating meadow, that is all that will ever matter.

And I’m grateful enough to have experienced that first hand.

Thank you Mr Bestweech. My musical saviour.