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Here are bits and bobs on me and my personal life which you may use to help decipher the rests of my posts appropriately. Knowing the figure behind the umbrella and all that jazz.

Knowing is half the battle and all that jazz.

so this will cover my personal life, work, free time, personal updates, pictures, adventures, holidays, thoughts and upcoming projects and any general venting of real life that comes my way

August 19

Why Usain Bolt never ran his best times

Lightning and Thunder So as of last weekend at the ripe old age of 30, Usain bolt has officially retired from the professional athletics stage. And the whole world was pretty sad about it. He was a great sports personality and was considered the best sprinter of his generation, perhaps even a contender for one […]

February 24

Quote of the Year 2016

Ahoy, Well who would’ve though it’s the end February already? Time certainly is rocking on and I am far faaar behind on my writing schedule in general I apologise for this delay, I started out wanted to write a single post on the Friendship and it spiralled into a series. For completeness I wanted them […]

January 27

Fri(end)s? – The TRUE reason why you keep fighting with your best friend

Welcome back Mes Amis, I hope you had a fantastic festive break, I certainly did I have a ton of shit I need to catch up on but need to finish off my last few instalments of my Friendship mini series first. So let’s catch up on what’s come before non? . Post summary In my first […]

March 06

My Brief Brush with Acting and the secret Evils within the Media Industry…

Lights, Camera….. Throughout this blog, my loathing of the advertising industry and its extended family is no secret, you’ll literally see it scattered across all of my posts. So I don’t need to go into detail why I despise the industry as a whole. However what I want to do today is pinpoint one of […]

January 28

One Year Without A Smartphone: Here’s 12 Things I Learned…

So it’s been some time since I’ve done one of these, it almost feels somewhat nostalgic but before I start crying, let’s tuck our way into it shall we. Hopefully, I’ve still got it. PS you might wanna get comfortable, it’s possible you might miss a birthday reading this. Bon Voyage . The Handheld Miracle […]

January 02

Quote of the Year 2015 – No Thanks, I’m Good

Another Year, Another Dollar Ah yes, it’s that time of year where I reflect on the most influential words to reach my ears over the course of the last 365 days. . . Since we’ve all just recently attended some form of New Year’s party of some sort, I think this one is not only one […]

blackmale teacher May 16

7 Great Teachers that changed my life

The best of the best…with honours This piece is inspired by a post I did recently and it’s one of a few I have in the pipeline, on schools, work experience, training and jobs. I suppose the reason I’m so engaged in this topic is because I spent 7 years of my life living with […]