MUSIC MONTH: Song of the Day Catorce

Music tells us a note halved is a note shared, and there is no better expression of music than sharing it with someone else.


The following piece actually represents one of my favourite duets (if not favourite duets) of all time.

I first knew about the first male artist in this song because my sister happened to have a major crush in him back in the day and he had a couple of really good hits.

I had a hard time adjusting to his sounds because he had become pretty mainstream and also he was a midget, which as you should all know by now, doesn’t swing too well with me.

But my sister was going through some long distance issues with her then-boyfriend and this was a song she would use to express her turmoil with him. Obviously at the time, she was in her late teens so hormones were all the rage and also under the ever loving incarceration of our beloved parents, her potential covert time she was allowed to ‘see’ him were few and far between.

So it really made sense for her.

It was a track on his album and not particularly one people would instantly grow to, I believe this has to do with the the stupidly long intro (with terrible acting)that sets its scene.

But no one can doubt the the piano accompanying the track is nothing short of pure genius and brings some real unexpected softness to the track you wouldn’t expect.

As you all know, I hate explaining something before you’ve had a chance to listen, so I’ll do it backwards this time. Apologies for the profanity by the by.

TQ and Erica Yancey-  When I get out


The song on the surface can be seen as a jail visit between a incarcerated gentleman and his lady friend. They miss each other and he realises that he is actually quite the fuck up but her strength perseveres through the song and shows she loves him enough to love and wait for him and support him through his demise.

So it can really easily relate to people who have fucked up and are still supported.

  • Or even people that happen to treat their partners badly without realising (or realising too late)
  • If you extrapolate out, this song can first of all relate to any sort of long distance relationship, and people who are apart not necessarily out of their own choice but college, work or anything along those lines.
  • It could even relate to people who are unfortunately tied up with large work commitments who simply can’t spend as much time with their loved ones as they would like.
  • Or someone has done something crappy and their partner decides to stick with them.
  • On a gloomier note, it could even relate to people who have gone through physical and mental hardships and their partners decide to stay with them through thick and thin.

These are all the secret strengths of a partner that are generally overlooked and I’m glad they are championed in a medium which generally doesn’t show the opposite sex in high regard.

But what really grabbed me about this duet isn’t that they sing any parts together, but the fact that the song goes back and forth like a conversation piece, with both parties adding and it flowing as they bounce of each others vibes. You can actually feel the chemistry between their words, albeit a weird one, but just as genuine as any other relationship

On some plain of thought, it actually makes you covet it.


A Goddess amongst her words

All of Erica’s lyrics are just genius in this song

Wait a minute ***** better back up, I told you long time ago I’d always have your back…so why you tripping?

Clearly puts a deranged paranoid man back in his box with a fierce strongly delivered line


Ain’t no body getting in your stuff, as soon as the judge said guilty I closed it up

A cleary witty way of highlighting her commitment of being faithful to him.


Between Numbers and Duetoronomy, There’s where you’ll find me

A reference to sneaking something in jail, and also to holding her faith in her fella on some sort of blibical note.


Now who in the hell do you think you’re talking to – you know I’m the only one in the world who will put up with you

Again, putting TQ well in his place and showing that regardless of how much of a fuck up he comes across, there is something there that she can’t quite shake.


The ultimate revelation of everything ever

You are taken through the first verse of this song and especially if you listen to the intro, you would think pretty much only one thing

‘Why the hell are these two together?

It’s so much of a mystery, even TQ asks why she still loves him

Then the utter magic of the chorus unveils the reality, the only reality that matters to them

‘Because they make each other happy’

with all the hard language in the song and with TQ’s constant talk about sex, the reality of their relationship is based on the most simple of things.


All the bullshit, the struggles, the sacrifices (especially if you consider the time in incarceration he’s spending is on her behalf or for her benefit)/

And their mutual honest vulnerable declaration of this to one another, amongst all the ego and the back chatting is probably one of the most genuine pieces of vulnerability I’ve heard in music.


Moral values

Such realities are hard to let your partners know in times of struggle and we all have a tendency to allow negative emotions.

But it doesn’t take much to check in and to let them know they are supported and loved, even if they are knee deep in shit outside of their control. We all have a tendency to fuck up but knowing why we are with someone in the first place and reminding not only them but yourself, can go along way to making it through the other side.

It’s amazing, I never though a song buried in a hip hop album would teach me that but that’s the beauty of life, you never know where happiness truly lies.


[TQ:] How can you love me?
[Ericka:] Somebody gotta do it
[TQ:] It’s gotta be hard!
[Ericka:] Ain’t really nothing to it
[TQ:] But you make me happy 🙂
[Ericka:] You know you really shouldn’t have no doubt

– can’t wait till you get out
[TQ:] when I get out

[Ericka:] I already told you
[TQ:] I guess I didn’t believe it
[Ericka:]  Spend all your time
[TQ:] Fucked up getting weeded
[Ericka:] But you make me happy  🙂
[TQ:] So I’m sittin here countin’  days down

– I can’t wait till I get out……
[Ericka:] When you get out…


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