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Everytime I hit a big post number, I shall give you some insight into my favourite posts over that journey, This is a super quick way to get some insight into some of your favourite pieces as well.

January 19

300th Post? – Madness? This is NOVEMBRAAAAh!!!!

Fuck me sideways Well it’s that time again and it really is amazing to think there are 300 of these guys around . . I know this is kinda a cheat, as a big chunk of my last 100 posts, have included near 80 posts, from the short story collection and Music Month tributes. I’ve […]

May 22

My landmark 200th post and a review of the last century of dribble

200th Post!!! Wow, this was certainly easier and quicker to get to than the first hundred. . . Firstly I would like to thank everyone who has ever visited my page and has ever enjoyed anything I’ve written. You make the whole thing worthwhile. Please never be shy to give positive or negative feedback. I […]

October 02

One, Two, Skip a few, Ninety-Nine, a Hundred – My best bits so far

Believe it or not, this is my 100th post. . Go me I didn’t really think I had it in me to write so much and I never thought I would enjoy it as much as I do. I always had quite a creative writing mind, as early as when I was a lil bastard […]