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You never know when some of these may come in handy, they are just pieces of dialogue or thoughts which may help one day in various situations. A dissection of things that may help you out in random times of need.

February 10

Fri(ends)? – Deciding Whether or not to to move on from your Best friend

So what are we? Now you’ve weighed up the biggest causes for failures and you have a blueprint to resolve your issues, you have an important decision to make. Whether or not you want to keep this person in your life? The decision to oust them completely or diminish their significance now falls completely in […]

February 05

Fri(end)s – How to react when Confronted by your Angry Best Friend?

So no one told you life was gonna be this way? So my previous post, I touched on how to approach a shitty friend on the subject of a long residing issue you had with them. I now want to use this opportunity to highlight how you should react if you are the friend being confronted. Your role […]

January 30

Fri(end)s? – Why your friends say they’re sorry when they really aren’t.

I’m so Sorry Normally when you try to confront a friend about something that’s bugging you, they immediately jump in first, state how sorry they are and then come up with a solid solution going forward. You may decide that their proposal is adequate and you decide to leave things there. I would say this though. […]

January 30

Fri(end)s? – How to resolve conflicts with your close Friends

Just gonna jump right into this one, there’s a lot to cover but this is a quick summary for those joining me for the first time. . Post summary In my first post, I decided to break this topic up and go over some of the main reasons why people fall out. Then in my 2nd, I […]

January 27

Fri(end)s? – The TRUE reason why you keep fighting with your best friend

Welcome back Mes Amis, I hope you had a fantastic festive break, I certainly did I have a ton of shit I need to catch up on but need to finish off my last few instalments of my Friendship mini series first. So let’s catch up on what’s come before non? . Post summary In my first […]

July 29

FRI(END)S? – Should I FUCK my best FRIEND?

should I fuck my best friend padre?

July 19

Fri(end)s? – The 8 Main Reasons Why Good Friendships Fail

I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too Back in 1994, a little unknown sitcom called Friends aired on our screens for the very first time. Soon, the amazing characters became our own friends, as we let them into our lives and they allowed us to frequently share in their joys and pain, […]