February 20

The Starfish and the Siren

The Starfish and the Siren . The Lady looks and cannot see, The soul of the small boy, Behind the stone glare of his elder, And the frightening hope she envelopes him in. The hope to finally be………..happy. Shaped like a starfish, Clasped lovingly against his heart. . The Gentleman listens but can only hear, […]

August 19

Why Usain Bolt never ran his best times

Lightning and Thunder So as of last weekend at the ripe old age of 30, Usain bolt has officially retired from the professional athletics stage. And the whole world was pretty sad about it. He was a great sports personality and was considered the best sprinter of his generation, perhaps even a contender for one […]

February 24

Quote of the Year 2016

Ahoy, Well who would’ve though it’s the end February already? Time certainly is rocking on and I am far faaar behind on my writing schedule in general I apologise for this delay, I started out wanted to write a single post on the Friendship and it spiralled into a series. For completeness I wanted them […]

February 10

Fri(ends)? – Deciding Whether or not to to move on from your Best friend

So what are we? Now you’ve weighed up the biggest causes for failures and you have a blueprint to resolve your issues, you have an important decision to make. Whether or not you want to keep this person in your life? The decision to oust them completely or diminish their significance now falls completely in […]

February 05

Fri(end)s – How to react when Confronted by your Angry Best Friend?

So no one told you life was gonna be this way? So my previous post, I touched on how to approach a shitty friend on the subject of a long residing issue you had with them. I now want to use this opportunity to highlight how you should react if you are the friend being confronted. Your role […]

January 30

Fri(end)s? – Why your friends say they’re sorry when they really aren’t.

I’m so Sorry Normally when you try to confront a friend about something that’s bugging you, they immediately jump in first, state how sorry they are and then come up with a solid solution going forward. You may decide that their proposal is adequate and you decide to leave things there. I would say this though. […]

January 30

Fri(end)s? – How to resolve conflicts with your close Friends

Just gonna jump right into this one, there’s a lot to cover but this is a quick summary for those joining me for the first time. . Post summary In my first post, I decided to break this topic up and go over some of the main reasons why people fall out. Then in my 2nd, I […]

January 27

Fri(end)s? – The TRUE reason why you keep fighting with your best friend

Welcome back Mes Amis, I hope you had a fantastic festive break, I certainly did I have a ton of shit I need to catch up on but need to finish off my last few instalments of my Friendship mini series first. So let’s catch up on what’s come before non? . Post summary In my first […]

July 29

FRI(END)S? – Should I FUCK my best FRIEND?

should I fuck my best friend padre?

July 19

Fri(end)s? – The 8 Main Reasons Why Good Friendships Fail

I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too Back in 1994, a little unknown sitcom called Friends aired on our screens for the very first time. Soon, the amazing characters became our own friends, as we let them into our lives and they allowed us to frequently share in their joys and pain, […]

July 12

Final BLEACH 4th Level Secret: Yhwach’s True Identity Hidden under your noses

Bleach is finally coming to an end So at the beginning of chapter 680, we get this semi colour picture of Yhwach highlighting that the end of coming to Bleach with the number of chapters remaining blurred out for effect. . . Everyone was leaning to the number of remaining chapters being similar to what happened […]

March 06

My Brief Brush with Acting and the secret Evils within the Media Industry…

Lights, Camera….. Throughout this blog, my loathing of the advertising industry and its extended family is no secret, you’ll literally see it scattered across all of my posts. So I don’t need to go into detail why I despise the industry as a whole. However what I want to do today is pinpoint one of […]

January 28

One Year Without A Smartphone: Here’s 12 Things I Learned…

So it’s been some time since I’ve done one of these, it almost feels somewhat nostalgic but before I start crying, let’s tuck our way into it shall we. Hopefully, I’ve still got it. PS you might wanna get comfortable, it’s possible you might miss a birthday reading this. Bon Voyage . The Handheld Miracle […]

9 Month Body Transformation No Exercise January 04

From April’s Fool to Christmas Cracker – My 9 Month Body Transformation

By the Power of Greyskull, I have the Powerrrrrrrr!!!! . . Here’s a 9 month body transformation with a twist This whopping 32kg of controlled fat loss, was achieved with no exercise whatsoever!!! That’s right, I lost over FIVE STONE and gained a ripped physique with…   No Expensive Gym Memberships No Clueless Personal Trainers No Testosterone Driven Weight Sessions […]

January 02

Quote of the Year 2015 – No Thanks, I’m Good

Another Year, Another Dollar Ah yes, it’s that time of year where I reflect on the most influential words to reach my ears over the course of the last 365 days. . . Since we’ve all just recently attended some form of New Year’s party of some sort, I think this one is not only one […]

June 08

4th Level Bleach secret about Yhwach MAJOR UPDATE!!!!

Update So I originally put this theory together back in June 2014. Even though it appears to have gone down well, the story has since progressed since then. Alot of you have been using some new information as a means to debunk this theory. While I have no problems with being wrong, I will dissect this new information […]

blackmale teacher May 16

7 Great Teachers that changed my life

The best of the best…with honours This piece is inspired by a post I did recently and it’s one of a few I have in the pipeline, on schools, work experience, training and jobs. I suppose the reason I’m so engaged in this topic is because I spent 7 years of my life living with […]

May 10

Should teachers blame bad kids for being disruptive in class?

 Hehehe Since attempting to turn off my ‘controversial gene’, I’ve started ignoring people’s rants more and more and now just let them get on with it. Recently though, I got into an interesting drunken debate and I couldn’t help but play devil’s advocate one more time. . . It’s soooo much fun….. Even though I […]

April 25

My Avengers: Age of Ultron Die-Hard Fan constructive critique (MAJOR SPOILERS and some fanboy whining AHEAD)

Seen it So on Thursday 23rd May, I had the pleasure of watching the midnight showing of Avengers 2 : Age of Ultron. . . I remember I wrote a little tidbit about the first one when it came out, and because this film is out early in the UK (compared to the US launch of […]

March 06

What your dancing style says about your sex life and whether you can achieve full body orgasms

Footloose During one of my last posts I started to delve into some of the specifics of what makes older men more likely to cheat with younger women. I focused on the attracting nature of the freedom the youth represented, as my main point and was looking for examples to illustrate this. I found this […]