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July 29

FRI(END)S? – Should I FUCK my best FRIEND?

should I fuck my best friend padre?

July 19

Fri(end)s? – The 8 Main Reasons Why Good Friendships Fail

I’ll be there for you cause you’re there for me too Back in 1994, a little unknown sitcom called Friends¬†aired on our screens for the very first time. Soon, the amazing characters became our own friends, as we let them into our lives and they allowed us to frequently share in their joys and pain, […]

March 06

What your dancing style says about your sex life and whether you can achieve full body orgasms

Footloose During one of my last posts I started to delve into some of the specifics of what makes older men more likely to cheat with younger women. I focused on the attracting nature of the freedom the youth represented, as my main point and was looking for examples to illustrate this. I found this […]

March 04

Spero Caecus (Blind Hope)

Spero Caecus . A woman, enters into a marriage, Hoping her future husband will someday change But he never will . A man, enters into a marriage, Hoping his future wife will never change But she always does .

February 28

The beauty of youth – Why Older men cheat and rebound with younger women

The beauty of youth I’m going to use this opportunity to share with you my own personal insight on why I think Older men end up with Younger women, specifically in a rebound or mistress/cheating/affair type scenario. You may not agree with me and if you don’t feel free to leave your thoughts on the […]

December 30

Coverless books – Creating a world where people aren’t judged on first appearance

You, me, Dupree and equality I’ve always dreamed of a world where people from all walks of life could be considered as equal and be judged based on their merits, rather than on anything else. Unless we aren’t paying too much attention to what they are doing or the task is relatively mundane, this is […]

December 30

Are looks more important than personality when falling in love?

Looks vs Personality . . This is an age old question and while any sane person would say one or the other, they would be talking complete shit. In reality it goes something along the lines of . Looks are what first attract you to someone but personality is what makes you wanna stay . […]