MUSIC MONTH: Song of the Day Diez

Music has the ability for us to help tell stories to one another, especially those of ancient times, magic and wonder. It is the greatest tool in getting information across to young children in the most informative, engaging and exciting way. Just ask Walt


Walt Disney’s company has cushioned pretty much 70% of today’s generation through their childhool with their wonderful animated movies and TV shows and theme parks beyond most people’s wildest imaginations.

Today, to coincide with music month, I will share with you my favourite Disney song of all time.

Now merely saying this is probably going to get me into alot of trouble since the majority of people are very fond indeed of their own favourite and don’t quite understand why everyone likes something different.

Same goes for the film, I come from and are surrounded by alot of people who would lay down their life for the Lion King and its impact on them, but to be fair, it did absolutely nothing for me.

Until very recently, I thought that beauty and the beast was the benchmark but after re-watching it a few years ago, it no longer holds the spark it did for me as a child, it’s far less complicated than I remembered (either that or I have become more complicated).

So this is a tricky one. I had to think of a song that stood well on its own and also has some deeper personal meaning

Funny I say this, when I was regularly dating and meeting new people, I would ask them to leave me a reprise of a disney song on my phone. The one who did this song was probably the best (jamaican accent, percussion, ad-lib lyrics and opening dialogue and all).

So I have really no choice but to go with this

It really is better down where it’s wetter 🙂

de de de de de di de de de de

de de de de de di de de de

Samuel E. Wright – Under the sea

Lyrics by howard Ashman & Composed by Alan Menken


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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