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These are some selection of creative writing I’ve done, please don’t be crazy on them, I’m only yound and still learning.

March 04

Spero Caecus (Blind Hope)

Spero Caecus . A woman, enters into a marriage, Hoping her future husband will someday change But he never will . A man, enters into a marriage, Hoping his future wife will never change But she always does . Advertisements

August 03

The Cure

 Test Subject Feedback on Vaccine Trials: Attempt XX . . Doctor, please This medication you prescribed… I need some more . It tinkers around with my insides It fixes me It keeps me alert and attentive. It helps me sleep It provides me with clarity It helps me focus on what’s truly important . It makes the voices go away. It makes […]

April 18

Short and reassuring….part 52….

And they all lived happily ever after . Doctor: Hey I have some good news We were fortunate to find a doner overnight. We took your son straight in to operate The operation was a success Your little boy is going to make it He’s going to lead a healthy and normal life Congratulations oh, […]

April 18

Short and to the point….part 51…

Wide Open . You know what I want from you, what I really want? …. ok….fuck it.. I’ll tell you …. I just……I just want to have enough faith in you So I can finally be brave enough To show my true self to someone  To take a blind leap of faith Into this unknown entity you called […]

December 31

Short and deployed to the furthest corners of the night…..part 50…..

Sleepwalker . Sean: So tell me all about this dream then? Clive: Alright, let me quickly try and set the picture … So it’s late and I’m walking somewhere, it’s also raining. It wasn’t that heavy type rain, it was just a trickle but  definitely enough to make you notice it. . . I don’t […]

December 17

Short and awaiting further orders…. part 49

Don’t beat yourself up The night draws long With no sign of song,  No hope to hear me roar! Be still my Drum, Your time will come And your beats Will magically soar!!! . ____  Enjoyed this? Fancy another?  <—— PREVIOUS SHORT  NEXT SHORT————->

December 14

Short and engraved in my memories… part 48 …

DRILLED INTO YOUR BONES . They taught me I had potential They taught me I had options They taught me I had  purpose They taught me I could make a difference They taught me I was wanted . They taught me how to get up early They taught me how to be tidy and organised […]