MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Quince

Music has always been a great way of being able to enjoy festive seasons through most cultures in the planet. It allows different people of different races and creeds to come together for a common (hopefully ideal) cause.

christmas music



I have just figured it out and

but who’s counting?

Then again, I have often been known to celebrate Christmas on any day I feel like it (why only have it when it’s stupidly expensive???), so it very well may be Christmas today.

And with this, I would like to share with you my favourite Christmas Carol.

Now this one was tricky because you have the calm of s’Silent Night’, the joyfulness of ‘O come let us adore him’ and ‘We wish you a merry Christmas’, which always goes down well with a tub of warm port.

But I’m going to choose one of the first ones I learnt properly and one of my favourite ones to sing.

EDIT: Actually screw that for a laugh, I’ve changed my mind, I am going to put up one with has a video of the messiah and the greatest man who ever lived myming/singing to a classic tune


BONEY M – Mary’s Boy Child


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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