MUSIC MONTH: Song of the day Ocho

One of the greatest abilities of music, is the ability to drag all those close together in order to celebrate a joyous occasion.

But the right tune can take a snapshot of that moment and render it in your mind’s eye for all eternity.



Wow, about two years ago the first one of out of my friend group at University, and actually out of all my close friends got married.

THis was met by the obligatory

commiserations 😦

by yours truly.

However, I was invited to go and so i did It was a grand affair in the lake district at a venue which overlooked one of the beautiful lakes up there.

The whole affair and the ceremony was classy and the venue for the reception was amazing, as was the meal. The speeches were all funny and heart warming and it was a great joy of hearing how they woo’d one another, since most of this occurred while he was off in a gap year in france (what a mincer considering he was an engineering student who started off doing hardcore aerospace and bailed into civil engineering with french).

The best line given by the groom was


Our Union wasn’t easy and not many people thought it would actually happen, After months and months of stalking, presents, hard graft and being ground down, I finally caved into her and gave her a chance.


To which everyone had a lil chuckle but my evil laugh persevered through.

Anywho, then came the first dance and I can’t remember what the tune was but it was lovely, then all of a sudden, this came on. And it just set the presidence for the rest of the night.

Old, young, brasilian, british, man, woman, goat, everyone just filled the dancefloor alongside the bride and groom and just went mad for it.

Seeing friends for so long, grow up and be part of something so special as they embark on the next chapter in their lives.

They couldn’t have picked a better song


Black Eyed Peas – I’ve got a feeling


Bear in mind this isn’t the song of the day. But it did make me think that it’s not the first dance song that is the most important, but the song that gets everyone on the dancefloor enjoying themselves as soon as possible.

I’ve been to a few weddings and sometimes it takes a million years to get everyone on their feet, while at my mates, it was an instant migration.

SO after careful consideration, I’ve been searching for my second song at my wedding. I know that the first dance will be something relevant and cheesy between me and my partner but I may be clever enough to hijack the second one with the idiot realising.

So with that, I’ve come up with this, something that guarantees to get me on my feet and sends the same kinda unrelenting message to come and celebrate a joyous occasion alongside those who care about you the most.

The devil of a great moment, definitely resides in the detail.

so come join me…before the father-in-law steals all my thunder…


Ben Westbeech – Dance with me


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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