A melody has the ability to take something in its original mute form and add a layer of decadence to it, almost exfoliating an entire new level of greatness underneath it.

Like a graceful silent caterpillar’s triumphant emergence from a cocoon to unveil a beautiful melodic butterfly.



As you probably already know, I have this rare ability to see things and situations in a light that most people normally wouldn’t.

And with the Oscars looming, I took this time to write a small piece about two iconic ladies who both managed to win an Oscar for their portrayal, specifically for their strong emotions towards the leading man.

Now most people wouldn’t usually think of these two characters in the same breadth, especially since one exists within a musical and the other in a timeless thriller but I couldn’t help but make the transition.

There’s a real fragile line between love, passion and obsession and it’s not easy to see when one has crossed the line from one state to another.

And to demonstrate, I’m going to use today’s song of the day, taken from one of these movies and play it over  stills from the over movie.

Anywho, see what Images it conjures up for you and let me know what you think.

So today’s songs of the day are dedicated to Cathy Bates and Jennifer Hudson for their stellar roles in Misery and Dreamgirls respectively. Enjoy

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Jennifer Hudson – And I am Telling you…

By the by, Jen nailed this

Shame on you Simon Cowell, shame on you


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