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December 17

Quote of the Year 2014

Finally Ha, so this is my entry for 2014’s Quote of the Year. . . I’ve been sitting on this gem for most of the year but as soon as I heard it, I knew it was going to be the winner of this little prize. I’ve actually been dying to tell someone about it […]

November 23

Quote of the Year 2013

Shazam!!! Right, after finally managing to catch up on my yearly entries, I can now push forward to describe to you my Quote of the year 2013. Now this year, I have been quite the adventurous bunny with trips around the world I made it to Amsterdam for a smoke up I made it to […]

November 17

Quote of the Year 2012

First of all, if anyone is interested, I will post links to my Other ‘Quote of the Year’ Pieces for reference Quote of the Year 2010 Quote of the Year 2011 Right on with the show This is a super duper late entry but I have found myself a quote of 2013 and I am […]