MUSIC MONTH: SOng(s) of the day Dieciséis

Music has the ability to bring something out of you, especially when you are singing it properly with a group of talented individuals.


Today, I’m going to give you guys a piece that I personally love, and the reason I love it is because a very very long time ago, I was trained (alongside countless others) to sing it.

As part of a school Choir, we put on a charity show of one of Vivaldi’s work. It was tough and a lot of hours but we all managed to pull through it.

Even though it was probably 15 years ago that this happened, I still have incredibly fond memories of the time together we spent practicing and rehearsing and I still know the songs by heart (even though my voice is far to croaked to even attempt singing them).

But listening to this instantly takes me back to that first night when we all rehearsed the whole thing through as a complete choir and we got this magical sound out of all of us. There was electricity in the air and we knew we were on to something very special.

And it was. Very special Indeed

Vivaldi- Domine Fili Unigenite (from Gloria)


While the first one is probably the easiest on the ear, this one is by far the most fun I’ve had singing…EVER!!!!

Ah, to not have dropped testicles…what I would give…

Vivaldi- Cum Sancto Spiritu (from Gloria)


Enjoyed  this tune? Fancy another?

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