Short and daydreamy…part….44…


(The french for ‘If’)

If I was a Bird, I would be the greatest bird of all.

My wings  at full stretch would span the horizon and  eclipse the sun above. I would soar to the highest heights and drift over all the lands and seas. I could glance at the world from the most unique positions and from there,  be a beacon of inspiration that everyone would literally look up to.

The air would be mine to command and the wind would obey my wings’ every whim.


If I was a Fish, I would be the most colourful creature in the ocean.

Beautiful and elegant, carving through the currents and flying through crashing waves with my streamline body. I’d be capable of standing up to any predator and I would build my home in the finest coral, that to rival the best the Atlantic or Pacific coastlines had to offer. Tales would be told about me and fishermen would come in their thousands to attempt to capture me.

The very thought of beauty would conjure up an image of me in the minds of all creation.


If I was a Tree, I would be the oldest and strongest tree in all the forest.

I would be so high that I would cast a long shadow over my nearest rival. My leaves would be the greenest and would bare the sweetest fruit in all the land. My deep roots would support the landscape its set in. I could sustain life for many generations as all who are near would come to rely on my produce for sustenance. I would shoulder shelter for the many throughout the storms and I would stand steadfast through the seasons.

Come what may, I would never fall.


However, I am none of these, I am a just a man.



If I was a man, I would stop thinking of elaborate ways of covering up my shame and openly admit that I was wrong, right from the get go. I would have the wisdom to realise my strength isn’t a strength afterall and there’s nothing stronger than allowing yourself to be genuinely vulnerable. I would have the valour to seek redemption and the compassion to permit forgiveness in the depth of my soul. I would face the ultimate potential of being happy with a somewhat sense of hope and enthusiasm.

At this moment in time, I honestly don’t know what I am…


If only I knew…


If only I could move on…



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