Short and retrospective of the daily grind…..part 42…

The next stop on the Jubilee line is…Embankment



I could never remember the face of my first true love

Time has cast doubt over my spatial recollection

But one fact could never escape me

I could pinpoint her essence

Throughout all time and space

As effortlessly as the air I breathe.


2 weeks ago,

While commuting to work on the busy underground

A figure brushed mine

Reactively, I left out my hand to take theirs

And as our fingers slipped through one another’s

They finally grasped at each other.


We just stood there

Facing away from each other,

Arms stretched out behind us

Unified in body, forged together at the soul

Arrested, silent in a tide of corporate lies


Tears trembled down one cheek

I thought I was dead to her.

I watched her die from my wounds  in my heart.

But now the waves of fate

Had washed us up

On the same embankment.

And we held on for dear life.


But sooner or later, I would have to exhale

And realise I am not holding on to anything at all…

I had to let go

And let the Jubilee’s flow carry me away


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