Short and blinded by trinkets….part 47…

Seek and you will Find that you are Blind


Gabriel Thorne, the third

The world’s most famous adventurer,

Believed he had already retrieved,

All of the world’s greatest remaining treasures,

When rumours of a final lost treasure,

Soon came ringing in his ear.


He traced this back to an old man,

The last believed to have set eyes on it,

Who welcomed any and all,

Who dared to try and claim it.


He had set many on this path.

Those who managed to return home,

Came back broken and empty handed,

But the Gabriel was determined,

To be the one victorious.


So with that,

He received the coordinates,,

Which led him to a remote location,

In the Tassili n’Ajjer National Park

In the heart of the Sahara desert.


Just like those who came before him,

Gabriel scratched, scraped and dug

At the desert sand to no avail.

For every ounce of sand he shifted,

The landscape would use three,

To fill his cavity.


His attempts were frivolous and tiresome,

And rather than return home empty handed,

He spent his amassed fortune

Purchasing workers, lorries and diggers

To save face from admitting defeat.


He even managed to clear,

The surrounding hectare,

Of sand altogether,

Only to be met with,

Nature’s ironic offering,

Of a deserted barren ground,

As the terrain laughed at his efforts

And eventually reclaimed itself


By this time, Gabriel was furious,

As he had spent many years,

His reputation and all his wealth,

Looking for the one treasure,

That always seemed to allude him.

He was forced to give up,

And return home broken,

Which aligned with

The sudden news,

The old man was critically ill.


By the time the adventurer had returned 

The wise man was already on his death bed,

Mr Thorne had demanded,

To be seen by him,

But as you can imagine,

Countless others including the media,

Wanted to hear from the old man,

Before his passing.


The dying man agreed to meet just one person,

Only the famous adventurer,

And no one else.

On arrival,

Gabriel Thorne, the third, cursed..


‘Old man, you LIAR,

I followed the instructions,

You gave me,

And spent my entire fortune,

To find this GREAT TREASURE,

Yet I found,

Nothing where you told me!!!’


With that, the old Captain

Inhaled his final breath,

Gestured Mr. Storm over

And quietly whispered in his ear…

“Did you look up?”


Used LR preset "10,000 Light Years from Home"



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