The Cure

 Test Subject Feedback on Vaccine Trials:

Attempt XX




Doctor, please

This medication you prescribed…

I need some more


It tinkers around with my insides

It fixes me

It keeps me alert and attentive.

It helps me sleep

It provides me with clarity

It helps me focus on what’s truly important


It makes the voices go away.

It makes me forget all about the bad memories

It persuades me to put the knife down.

It gives my wounds time to heal


It gives purpose to my meaningless.

It inspires me to be better

It waters my spiritual garden

And clips away at the weeds


 It hoists me on its shoulder every day

And carries me to where I need to be

Most of all Doctor

It makes me smile again

For the first time

In a long time



If Sadness is the diagnosis

And Life is the symptom

Then she is undoubtedly

The Cure


But I need some more Doctor…

I really need

Some more



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