Short and rising…part 43…

Curious George

Jesus H. FuCKING KERiiiiiIiiIIIiiIIiist on a s@dDle-lEssSSS bike…

That pretty little thing opposite is sooo damn fit, mmmm

This is the third time this week she has sat infront of me on my commuter train

Not normally attracted to the ginger geek look

But there’s no denying she’s got a cracking rack, that’s for sure.


Fuck,  if I cunningly lean my head over at the window and pretend I’m looking out

I can gawp at her reflection without her noticing.

Now I can freely glare at her sweet sweet firm tits.

I’d give anything to cup them and give them a cracking squeeze, mmmm…


I bet she wants me, wants me baaaaaad, the dirty bitch…

Look at her there tempting me on with her reading book gimmick

Doesn’t fool me one bit, I know she’s gagging for it…

Damn, If i only had the courage to take her out for a drinks/date…


Heck who am I kidding,

If I only had the guts to pull her right out of her seat an push her up against the window

Have her tits  right up against the glass  and she pulls her jeans down over her cracking arse.

Have those juicy red lipstick rubbing against the window covered in her hot breath and slutty deep breathing


Then I’d hold her in one hand, undo my belt with the other, unzip myself….yeah…..


And have  the throbbing tip of ”the baron’  slip right up her…… winking…..puckered…..ARRRRSSS…

Oh God…not again…

Moira from accounts, Moira from accounts, MOIRA FROM AffuckingCCOUNTS!!!

Shit, too late, can’t stop it

please no,…


Shit, pretend to cough to cover the spasms…

*cough with mild groan*

and my stop is just here

*cough spasm*

Fuck, I can’t get off, I’ve still got an erection

*cough spasm*

ah balls, doors closing, trains pulling off…

*short coughs*


This is the 2nd day in a row I’ll be late for work

Gawd, I need some serious help…

Well at least I wore a condom beforehand this morning

Take That UNIVERSE!!!

Come in your suit once, shame on you

Come in your suit twice, shame on……er, haven’t figured that one out yet…

Need to come up with something catchy by tomorrow, take a mental note

Shit, she’s looking up right at me,

QUICK, Pretend you’re reading the paper before she clocks on to the fact you’re REALLY are a pervy git, 

George you sly beautiful bastard, I think we might ‘ave just gotten away with that one.

If I wasn’t you, I’d fucking marry you, you legend…



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