April 18


Short and to the point….part 51…

Wide Open


You know what I want from you, what I really want?


ok….fuck it..

I’ll tell you


I just……I just want to have enough faith in you
So I can finally be brave enough

To show my true self to someone

 To take a blind leap of faith

Into this unknown entity you called Trust

 And for you to just shut up and listen

While I fall
And  for you to be there ready

Without judgement
With your arms wide open

Ready to catch me on the other side
And  then for you to hold me tightly
And tell me with conviction
That’s it’s alright

That it doesn’t matter
That  you love me no matter what
That’s it’s all gonna be ok

And for me to believe you.


That’s what I  want

Can handle that?



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