One Year Without A Smartphone: Here’s 12 Things I Learned…

So it’s been some time since I’ve done one of these, it almost feels somewhat nostalgic but before I start crying, let’s tuck our way into it shall we. Hopefully, I’ve still got it.

PS you might wanna get comfortable, it’s possible you might miss a birthday reading this.

Bon Voyage


The Handheld Miracle

When I was younger, the miracle of technology, displayed in shows like star wars, star trek and comics like Iron man, were considered purely science fiction. I never  dared dreamed we would be able to talk and interact with computers or communicate with each other, using hand held devices, or call upon a vast library of information, at a touch of a button.

In our present society, it appears the union of man and machine is growing ever so closer and now it is almost impossible to find anyone walking around, without some modern form of technology that connects them to billions of others, all round the world.

Infact last year, wearable technology was becoming a big market. With the adoption of products like google eye and the apple watch, we aren’t far that off some sort of contact lens HUD or implantable technology that takes things into the next phase of are integration into the digital world.

Besides, the iEye almost markets itself, doesn’t it? All you need is Johnny Depp in costume to market this bugger and boom, another billion dollar product.

While this has its advantages, it raises some concerns with me, with people forming an ever growing reliance on these devices. Many of us aren’t even able to function without knowing they can reach (or be reached) by their loved ones at the click of a button, or perhaps access the vast amount of knowledge on the net to help them jog their memory, perhaps win a pub quiz or even settle an argument.

But what if one was brave enough to escape all this, how would they cope?

Well that is exactly what I intended to find out.

First of all, some background information that lead to this decision, if you’re just interested in the results and observations only themselves, I would skip to paragraph

‘Give me what I came for asshole’.



Uh oh, Spaghettios

Picture the scene,

It’s late November 2014 and I’ve come home pissed after a work social, super pissed in fact. So intoxicated that I end up waking up the next day fully clothed (which saved me the hassle of getting ready for work the next day).

The problem with this? While I successfully managed to manoeuvre the labyrinth of my apartment in pitch darkness, I’d clearly fallen to sleep as soon as my cheeks felt the sanctuary of my comfy bed.

On awakening to a crunching noise, it suddenly occurred to me I’d placed my house keys in the same pocket as my phone and when I rolled over in delight, I’d cracked the screen.

A rookie measure by all accounts but the event had both some good and bad points associated with it.

You see my phone at the time was still an old relic from 2010, a Nokia 5030.

It was something I bought as a quick replacement to my favoured phone, the Nokia 7390, which imploded on me after giving it to a toddler to play with.  However this new phone did its job and I intended to stick with it till it died on its arse.

So in essence it was a cheap thing with no real value, and one that would be easy to replace come the right time.  No biggie.

The downside to this was because it was an old phone, I wasn’t able to use it anymore. Most smart phones of today have a resistance to screen cracking and still function when this occurs (albeit without looking as pretty). On old phones like mine, a crack of the screen leads to an almost complete bleeding of the liquid crystal display, rendering you as blind as Ray Charles with those shades on.

You literally can’t make out shit on your screen anymore. You could risk it but do you really wanna risk sending that dirty text you started off to your Aunt Betty, me thinks not…



Now, having a phone for approximately 4 years and having moved, you tend amount a whole lot of memories on it, some stored as voicemails, some stored as text, some stored as pictures etc.

Not that I am too nostalgic but I do tend to look at old phones in order to recapture old moments once in a while. Sometimes just to reminisce, sometimes to see how far I’ve come and others to see how much I really haven’t changed over the years and relive some old jokes.

Most of the time, it’s just to see whether I have kept true to myself, adhered to the lessons I promised to learn and check if I’m still on a path to improvement.

Nowadays, all your information gets stored on a cloud but the only cloud my Nokia has ever seen is a rain cloud when left outside a kebab shop. This thing has no means of connecting to the internet or any other device, so everything on it had no chance of remote recovery.

So for me, this phone was a significant chapter of my life I wasn’t willing to just let go off willy nilly.



I also have this notion of perseverance about me.

I didn’t grow up with the modern day attitude of replace the old once it has broken. Even from an early age, I remember fixing things with my parents, my siblings and my cousins. We were always taking things apart to see how they worked, making them last longer and getting a bit more personality out of them.

Our products were an extension of ourselves, to give up on them was to give up on pushing forward. To allow yourself to be at the mercy of anyone else’s value system was ultimately to fail.

Why buy when what I have still fulfils its purpose.

As Luke Skywalker once said to the Galaxy’s most persistent Sales rep,


You failed your highness, I am a Jedi, like my father before me.


Who knew Jedi actually meant hobo (:o)

Over the years though, my other siblings grew out of this way of thinking but I still live by it and it is the cornerstone of my independent way of life.

Simply put, you can’t hold one ransom if you have nothing to offer them, non?

Based on this, I was determined to restore my phone to its former glory no matter what.


Failure on Fix

So after having spent a few months of 2014 already changing out the screens to my computer and camera successfully (prolonging the life of those products) and six month earlier, having replaced the battery on my phone which was literally on the verge of exploding, (had it gone, I would currently be in Guantanamo Bay) I thought, what the heck, I would just get a new screen for my phone.

So off I went to order one and it came through the mail about 6 days later no hassle.

But there was a hassle, unlike my computer and my camera, the connection of the LCD screen the motherboard was not done via a convenient clip, it was glued on. After scratching my head for a while and doing some research on youtube, I noted that for my specific phone, which was manufactured on the cheap, this connection required some specialist micro-soldering in order to get it back on track.

The problem is, I can’t micro-solder for shit and by the sounds of it, most of your generic phone shop people can’t either. What makes it worse is that the value and the skill of the labour far outweighs the physical value of the phone itself so most people won’t even give you a price for the job.

I looked into ways of getting it fixed but realistically, I lacked the skill in order to get it done on a first attempt, I blame my shakey hands for this. By the looks of things as well, I would only ever really get a few attempts to get this done as well.

So not only did I need to purchase a whole bunch of soldering equipment, I needed to master the skills and also buy a similar phone in order to practice before embarking on mine for the real thing.

After about another week of scratching my head and practicing some basic soldering, I thought to myself ‘fuck’

But then I stepped back and started to wonder

How often do I use my phone anyway?

Not a lot, I have never been one to make tons of calls I can’t even do long text message convos since messages longer than a single text got jumbled up and I had a limited amount of storage on it.

I only ever really use it for short messages when coordinating meeting people up.

The only other thing is it’s a means for people to get in contact with me.

I then thought,

How many calls do I really get?

Not much to be honest.

I then thought that the majority of people who need to get with me urgently have alternate means of contacting me.

My last thought was probably the most important

Do I actually need a phone?

For the life of me, I have been carrying around this device with me since I was 17 and I never once actually asked myself the question, I just did it because everyone else did. After much thought, it struck me that there was no significant reason why I did.

Based on this, I decided to have a real long think about how I go about this and came up with this.


The Gambit

I was to go a full calendar year without a mobile


14 months later, here are my findings


Give me what I came for asshole

All in all, it was strangely easy. A lot easier than I actually thought it would be to be honest. Then again part of this may be because I’ve never used a smart device but considering how anxious I was about leaving my phone at home before, it was a pile of stinking piss.


And I also managed to notice some things and myself and others along the journey. Here is what I found.


  1. Social Disbelief


The first was the sheer magnitude of unacceptance, by pretty much everyone I told.

It seems bizarre but it was only 15 years ago, mobile devices started playing a major part in our lives, and smart phones are only about 6 years old or so. That means for most of these bemused folks, they spent half of their lives happily operating without one.

But if someone asks for your number and you say you don’t have a mobile phone, they look at you as if you’re satanic and you’ve just murdered your entire family.

It’s almost as if you’ve gone straight to the top of the FBI most wanted list, do not pass go and do not collect £200.

What???? But how do people get in contact with you?

Errr, Email…..

But what if it is an emergency???

It’s never a fucking emergency wise ass, very few of us have emergencies and even fewer have emergencies which require our immediate attention.

Besides we’ve had 5 ½ billion years of emergencies without WhatsApp and candy crush to comfort us and I think we’ve done a pretty good job so far.

So I ask myself, Why the fuck are people stressing so much?

As we’ve evolved, technology has managed to make the world a much smaller place but in doing so, we’ve lost our sense of personal accountability.


  • Why get good at mental arithmetic when you have a calculator more powerful than KITT from Knightrider, in your pocket?
  • Why learn a language when google pages translates it all into your native tongue.
  • Why learn how to wire a plug when at the touch of a button, you can order someone to do it on your behalf, whether it be a professional, your wife, your neighbour or your dad?


So people are growing up with less and less basic skills because they have unlimited access to a plethora of lifelines, 24 hours a day.

The problem, place them in a situation where they have one less and they become super vulnerable, furthermore they blame you for that feeling of helplessness.

So my lack of lack of phone ultimately means they now have one less asset to help bail them out of a crisis.

Is it my fault you can’t look after yourself??? Me thinks not.

So when most people were presented this insight, I was greeted by this anxiety.

Ironically the majority of these people were older than myself and while I thought they would understand, not having grown up with technology around their necks 24/7, they reacted the worse than anyone else.

What I may not have seen at the time, is they are now pro technology as they are using it to keep an eye on their pesky kids.

Fucking Turncoat hippies!!!

That is another thing I noticed


  1. Being off the grid

The same people who were in disbelief would often follow up their initial concerns with…

So Who are you hiding from?

Over the year, I found the best answer to this was simply

‘You motherfucker, YOU!’

Setting sail and getting away from it all is fucking fantastic. To not be contactable for a foreseeable amount of time is…. well there is nothing quite like it.

People pay thousands to go on treks to the middle of nowhere to gain that type of serenity. Ironically they could achieve something very similar by just turning off their phones.

I have experienced this before and pretty much everytime I go abroad (ha, my old phone is a real pile of shit to begin with) but throughout this experience, it just solidified what I thought before.

Sadly many can’t handle the quiet and they are pretty easy to spot. They are the ones wondering madly around picturesque scenes of beauty, with their phones up in the air searching for signals, like moths to a fucking flame.

Tis a shame I say, Tis a shame


  1. I wrote letters

Without the most common ways to stay in touch, I decided that I would adapt.

As they say, When in Rome.

So I took this opportunity to start writing letters. Hand written mother fucking letters.

It’s crazy bizarre but man what an Impact. Imagine not hearing from someone in a while to see under the pile of bills on your front door, a hand addressed letter. You just can’t help but beam and glow…

To be honest, it’s like the adult version of Christmas

You know the absolute BEST thing about this? People don’t get on the phone or look for you on Facebook, they write back.

Now don’t get me wrong, the nostalgia wears off and soon people are like, man what the fuck dude, pick up your phone but for that initial instant, they renounce all this technology and get back to ground roots and they do so with a big smile on their face.

I mean, c’mon, what’s fucking better than that?


  1. Sharing is not Fucking Caring

Having never bought a smart phone, when my netbook finally died, I reluctantly upgraded to one of these fancy tablet/laptop hybrid thingies, the Lenova Yoga 300.

It came with windows 8 but I thought I might as well upgrade to the free Windows 10.

Within 10 seconds of starting up, my computer had a gun to my head telling me it would self-destruct if I didn’t share all my data with Bill Gates directly.

I just shook my head and thought, fuck, this must be what it’s like having a smartphone. What an absolute cluster fuck of paranoia.

You can’t send or look at anything without it being recorded. All the information you think you are stumbling upon on your own accord has actually being filtered to you directly by the boffins in white coats having sifted through your dirty laundry.

You look at one picture of a cat and you get inundated by all these cat companies looking to sell you pet insurance, what the fuck man? Can’t you tell I’m allergic, why not advertise cat poison stuff to me if you’re sooooo clever? That’s what I was actually fucking looking for

But it isn’t only bill gates and the Zuckerberg from Facebook who gets your shit. Connect to any Wi-Fi and you basically open up your arsehole to anyone on the same network to potentially look at your files


  • They say your data is safe in the cloud, then they Hack the cloud
  • They say your passwords are safer stored on  your computer, then they hack the computer
  • They say it’s safer to bank online, then they hack your bank account


  1. They can hack your webcam
  2. They can your motion sensors
  3. They can even hack your fucking microphone so they can listen to the way you fucking snore at night


I mean seriously, all I wanted was ask my brother what time he’d arrive but now I risk some interloper stealing my entire identity and outing it all on the net for everyone to see, just by pressing ‘send’

The sad reality is, you can go about with all the fucking security settings you like but in cyber space, there is no such thing as privacy.

If you choose to walk around with a handheld device and keep your entire life on it, then you are at the mercy of literally anyone else on the same system. Not just the ones in power, not just the cyber geeks either but literally anyone who has tinkered with a computer for about five minutes.

That’s not cool, that is scary.

What’s even scarier is that no one seems to give two fucks about it


  1. Your inner stalker is let loose

MSN messenger and Facebook has already turned the world into a bunch of fucking stalkers but smartphones have taken that skill to another fucking level.


  • Where are you?
  • What are you doing?
  • Who are you with?
  • Are you seeing anyone?


Long gone are the days when these type of interrogation were yours to dodge at your own convenience. You anonymity is fucking gone. Not only that, but your respect for other people’s privacy goes out of the window too.

Because some website and apps have decided to automatically inform you on the business of others, you now believe it is your God given right to use it against your fellow friends.

Whether you want it or not your phone is stalking everyone in your address book on your behalf. Your parents, your neighbour, your ex, your pet poodle’s professional cleaner. You can track everyone on your contact list to within a 2 metre radius if you so wished.

In the olden days, you could ping them a message and just wait for their return, if they didn’t, you’d just assume they’re busy. Or if you didn’t get invited to an event, you could be none the wiser. But now we have an added layer of intimacy.


  • The fuckers have read it, READ IT but still haven’t replied.
  • They’ve seen my post update, why haven’t they liked it?
  • WHAT the fuck man??? How dare they not follow my cooking recipe page?
  • They are currently online and they can see I’m online but they are not acknowledging me
  • What’s this, they checked in at the pub round the corner but don’t have the common decency to invite me or even pop in and say hello!!!!! motherfuckers, I gonna strangle grandma betty, the dirty slut.
  • She liked his post? She’s cheating one me, I’m gonna deep search his profile for evidence, TWICE


Do smart phones actually inform or do they just promote anti-social behaviour and paranoia?

Why talk to someone openly to see what they’ve been up to, when you can invade their space and judge them from afar?

Before you could skive a day of work and lie to your boss about being bunged up. Nowadays someone will tag you getting a hole–in-one on a golf course, which instantly updates on your boss’ phone, during a meeting you were supposed to be chairing.

Furthermore, now your boss can sack you from the comfort of his seat by the time you’ve picked the ball out of the hole.

Personally I don’t know which one is worse, having no privacy or imposing so regularly on others

What happened to inviting yourself over to someone’s house for an open chat eh?


  1. Time Keeping

My time keeping skills now ae fucking amazing.

For some odd reason, you can now ask me what the time is and I can tell you the right answer within a ten minute range (it only works if you keep asking me every ten minutes by the by).

I can also wake myself up without an alarm clock, regardless of when I actually need to be up. I even manage this when travelling through different time zones, capable of giving you the accurate time in both home and host nations.

I used to be one that checked their phone for the time quite regularly but having gone a significant amount of time without a time piece, I must have learned how to do it subconsciously. It’s a surprisingly very useful side effect of this experiment.

The best bit I suppose, is the ability to wake up without an alarm clock, I used to always get annoyed that I woke up just before my alarm, leading to me having a shitty day and also wishing to snooze in a little bit longer.

Waking up now is a very ordered affair with me jumping out of bed on even the coldest mornings with a burst of zest for the day ahead. Less groggy starts have led to a more focussed and productive year me thinks.

I guess my body’s normal sleeping patterns adjusted so I always come out of a deep sleep cycle at the right time, rather than being forced up in the middle of one, bargain.


  1. Is this the way to Amarillo?

I will tell you, having some sort of navigation device was what I missed most about not having a smartphone. Being without Google maps could have put me in a lot of questionable positions, missing buses/trains/flights while out abroad.

Luckily people ‘without their phones out’ were generally friendly enough to help if I stopped them in the street.

I did notice those who had their smartphones out wouldn’t stop even if it was raining money. It’s almost as if having your phone out in public is international sign language for ‘DO NOT DISTURB’.

You can see the panic in people’s eyes if you end up approaching them, scrambling for their phone, pretending to look something up on it.

Ironically if you do manage to get a response out of them, they always say they can’t help. They literally have the fountain of all knowledge in the palm of their hands and when asked to exercise it, they decline.

Typical eh?


  1. Antisocial mother fuckers

Two things I have noticed here.


08.1 The first -Do Not Disturb

You may not be aware of this but no one talks when they’re out anymore. Instead everyone gets stuck into their portable devices and engages in a passive, antisocial manner.

I noticed phenomenon before with arrival of laptops, when I was staying in hostels circa 2010. All of a sudden, people weren’t mingling in communal spaces like they used to, instead hoarding for electric socket points like vampires and cocooning themselves away for the evening. While I am sure most people there didn’t mind, as an outsider (without a laptop) looking in, it was quite worrying to see.

It now seems this pandemic has spread to smartphone use as well, which means just about everywhere.

It doesn’t end there though, I now noticed people happily dining away by themselves on their lunch break, with just their smartphones and no real company welcome. Even today I noticed someone hiding in their car for lunch, happily scrolling away on their phone.

It’s now super easy to disengage from our surroundings and hide on the web but is this really solving the true problem at hand?

Are these devices making it easier for people to stay in their comfort zones?


08.2 The second – Just plain rude.

Then there are the audacious fuckers who while trying to tell them something important, feel a divine compulsion to get their phones out of their pockets and just start browsing up shit.

Or furthermore just answer a call while you’re still talking and then continue talking for like 30 minutes.

Clearly whatever is going on in phone land is a million times more important than what you have to say. I mean who knew they were the Angel Gabriel in disguise, receiving divine orders for the lord themselves?

No, it’s they’re not the angel Gabriel, it’s just Barry from accounts, trying to buy a star wars costume, from a dodgy bloke on gumtree…….super

People just don’t have any self-control when it comes to handling their phones anymore. A buzz goes off and wooosh, they are straight to it. Even if it hasn’t buzzed in a while, they still go to it to check.

Don’t worry folks, it isn’t an infant. It doesn’t need feeding, It isn’t going to die of cot death if it rolls over, and I’m pretty sure nothing has chained in the last 30 seconds since you handled it.

Nowhere is sacred, I’ve seen some real rude mother fuckers handle their phone over the following


  • On dates,
  • In cinemas,
  • In class,
  • In senior board meetings,
  • Heck,  do it in churches,
  • During weddings they do it in
  • Hospitals appointments with their doctors, (some are even the fucking doctors)
  • They do it while driving.
  • They do it during sex
  • People now take their phones into the toilet with them
  • During my fucking annual appraisal!!!


I even saw someone whipping their phone out during the 2 minute silence on Remembrance Day for fuck sake.

These types of habits are normally associated with addicts but God forbid you ever tell someone they are addicted to their phones.

To most people, it seems like no big deal, to me the behaviour is no different from compulsively playing with your fun bits in public.  If the Scottish judicial system says I can no longer have my fun, I don’t see why everyone else should be allowed to.

Even if you take the addiction out of it, it’s just plain rude.

Honestly, most people nowadays cannot warrant 2 minutes of conversation without needing to refer to something on their phone, if you don’t believe me, make a mental note next time you chat to someone.

If you don’t notice, fat chance you’ve got your phone out to check the timer

O vey.


  1. A pain in the neck

Now this is a strange one but almost everyone is stuck in this strange hunched over stance like they’re on the verge of toppling over. It’s like they’ve taken a still  from a laurel and hardy movie and right before one of them plants their face into the ground, they’ve photo shopped a picture of a phone in hand.

The whole world’s posture is fucked, fixated on their phones, looking down all the time.

Sooner or later, the mobile phone industry is going to be held liable for a whole generation of injuries relating to people’s necks and spines based on the over and incorrect usage their products. The corporate desktop world has started tackling this with desk, seats and computer settings for having the correct posture at work but no one is taking a responsible stance with the use of mobile devices as of yet.

They say just like trees, we grow in the direction we face. What do you think will happen if you spend most of your teenage years stuck staring down at your mobile screen?

You’ll end up wishing you looked like the hunchback of Notre Dame, that’s what.

I would recommend some of you take it easy with your usage, especially if you start getting headaches or pains in your neck, shoulders or arms. These things are usually a one way street where symptoms are irreversible once they set in.

On the bright side, in your newly hunched state, you can fulfil your lifelong ambition to suck your own dick. I mean you might as well, no one else gonna wanna, looking like that, HA.

Silver linings and all…

Speaking about looking down at your phones all the time, this brings me nicely on to my next point…


  1. No one lives in the moment anymore

Don’t get me wrong and I could easily be accused of being a happy snapper with my camera. I admit, I believe life is one big story and growing up on the comic medium, words and pictures are the perfect medium to capture that tale.

Saying that though, I know when to put shit down.

I remember one night, there was this amazing fireworks display going on and 90% of the people there were either watching their experience through their phones or worse still, they were busy typing something profound on their phones to even notice.

Now some of you smart fucks would go ‘ah but you were looking at them too, so doesn’t that make you just as bad’. For those clever dicks in the audience, my answer to you is GO FUCK YOURSELF, I don’t need your views. J

But the problem is when faced with a clearly awe inspiring moment, most people don’t know how to naturally react to it. In panic, they would rather comment and document then engage. I suppose it’s just a newer version of this old saying…


If timothy comments on a night out on Facebook but no one is there to like it,

did he have a good time?


Perhaps this is one of the things professional journalist suffer from?

I think I remember seeing a news broadcast a few years ago of an earthquake that went off somewhere, can’t remember where it was, maybe Haiti, maybe Pakistan. Anyway they were reporting on hearing some voices under the rubble and apparently some children were trapped underneath.

I couldn’t for the life of me work out why the camera crew didn’t give up the façade, drop his camera and start helping trying to get these kids out. Instead they froze and just continued to document events from the viewers at home, as if the camera removed any sense of reality from what they were seeing and what was occurring.

Would he have been the same if it was his children? Should it make a difference that the kids belong to someone else, or are poor or are of a different ethnicity?

It certainly left a cold shiver down my spine thinking about it, still does to this day.

Life through a lens isn’t life at all and if we fool ourselves into believing any of it is true, we lose the very thing that makes us human. The ability to empathise with others.

I don’t think the smart phone is doing us any favours in this regard.


  1. Cock envy

There are a certain group of people I’ve become highly sensitive to throughout this experiment.

You know those people, the ones who are camping overnight to get the latest hip phone or who’ve downloaded the latest operating system as soon as it came out. The ones who pay 3 times as much for something with 6 times as many bugs as when everyone else gets it. They are the first ones to tell you how out of touch you are with the times, when you mention anything that is over 15 minutes old.



Those guys are fucking annoying aren’t they?


  • They use their phones constantly as if it’s the second coming of Jesus’ foreskin.
  • They force phone related topics into everyday conversations
  • They manipulate conversations in order to get their flashy phones out
  • Worse they force situations in order to use ‘cool’ devices that have no real practical value.
  • Their entire value system and self-value is tied up in these devices and they won’t stop until you acknowledge them by praising their new toys.


And when you finally give them what they need, then what?

Complete emptiness

2 months in, they are left feeling inadequate, looking to upgrade to a newer phone, one which has even more features they will never use.

I mean, what is the fucking point, seriously?

How can people go about life with this amount of unnecessary stress on their shoulders?

What’s worse, they blow money they don’t have to impress people they don’t care about.

I have never understood this.

When you die, do you really want people at your funeral thinking…


Man, that guy was a cunt but he had a sweet data tariff


I’d rather be a plain old cunt, well maybe not an old one…

It’s 2016, I’m surprised people in this day and age, are still so fickle.

I suppose throughout all this, I saw these types individuals as Sirens, trying to tempt me back to phone heaven but all I could see was exactly what I never wanted to become…..


Do you think you’ve become more interesting since getting a smartphone or less??

This is a brave question I fear most people would be scared to answer honestly….


  1. Sold Out

Here’s a quick question?

How much did your phone cost you in 2015?


  1. £200 a year?
  2. £300 a year?
  3. £400 a year?


Ha, you must be dreaming…

Even if you have a cheap tariff and a brick for a handset, I can almost guarantee your mobile cost you thousands and thousands of pounds last year.

As sad as it is to point out, they are called “smartphones” because they are the smartest way to get money out of your pockets.

After freely handing over all your data over to your favourite sites and their execs selling it to the highest bidder, you ass is now wide open to consumer-targeted marketing, 24 hours a day.

With mass media like TV and radio, advertisers hedge their bets, based off likely viewer demographics of certain programs, matching them to their products. It’s very much a shotgun approach, it’s very inefficient and wastes a lot of money.

With mobile advertising, they know every single thing about you from the get go, PLUS they know what sites you frequent, your personality and your spending habits, so they can take the same spending budget and tailor adverts directly to you. This is like the sniper rifle approach and it’s just as deadly.

These smartphones are designed so you indulge on impulse, with sites and adverts now tailored to get a transaction out of you before you’ve even had time to realise what you’re doing.

Literally everything is designed to subconsciously get more money out of your pocket. They even know what day of the week and time of the day you are more likely to buy things.

I don’t even know that.


You get reminders about relative’s birthdays and suggestions on what to get them

You have a one click check which automatically sets up a standing order on your behalf

You can now pay contactless with your phone, without needing to get your wallet or purse out.

You get given these ‘free’ applications that don’t work fully till you pay to upgrade

Lawyers want to consult you about accidents you’ve never had or API repayments for bank loans you’ve never made.

Even Telemarketers can reach you even when you are taking a shit.

If you pissed in a toilet once, the owners will now harass you to get feedback for their review page Even Your telephone bill will had suggestions to upgrade to a superior tariff

It’s awful.

Constant brainwashing, constant social conditioning and constant control. Always misleading what you are getting, always making you feel you are getting what you want, never providing you with what you need.

Now there truly is nowhere to hide from the capitalist machine. On the bright side, it’s only going to get worse….

So I will ask again…

What is the true cost of these smartphones and what are we getting in return for all this money we don’t know we’re spending?

I guess there really is no app for that…