300th Post? – Madness? This is NOVEMBRAAAAh!!!!

Fuck me sideways

Well it’s that time again and it really is amazing to think there are 300 of these guys around




I know this is kinda a cheat, as a big chunk of my last 100 posts, have included near 80 posts, from the short story collection and Music Month tributes. I’ve also taken some of my longer posts before and cut them down into smaller pieces, making my post count fly up.

But still. That’s a lot of content and credit is still due, I honestly never thought I would produce this much shit when I started.

I’m gonna give myself a hi five for it


self hi five in mirror


SWOT analysis

This set of 100 is a bit of a mixed bag for me, I’ll take you through my SWOT analysis of it.




On one hand, it has been by far my most popular batch of posts and it has kept you guys on the site for longer, reading more stuff, which I’m grateful for.

However, it has made me realise I still have a long way to go to get this place to where I want it.

At Post 200, I was feeling a little bad, mostly because, I wasn’t writing much outside of my shorts story challenge and music month tributes and I felt that this place wasn’t being a true reflection of me. With that and real life getting in the way, these last 100 post have taken me the longest of any to write.

Now, with those challenges out of the way and a new set of focuses for the site, I am a little bit more optimistic.

2015 for me is going to be a big blogging year, with me trying to get my work out to more people and also cover more interesting topics. I’m also starting to use social media, like google+ and facebook more, to connect with you the viewers. I’ll also be incorporating more search engine optimization tips to better get my writing to those who wish to read it.

As for the writing itself, the current tone is informative across a range of topics, with the big hitters being


  1. Social commentary,
  2. Health and fitness advice
  3.  Manga and anime.


I will stick to these for now but I do hope to get back to writing stories again. I have a couple lined up but they do end up wiping me out creatively.

One thing I have noticed and it’s a little late in the day but my writing sucks. For those of you currently nodding and going ‘I told you so’, I don’t mean the content (you cheeky fucks) but the grammar.

It can be pretty bad and it’s now almost impossible for me to read something without re-editing it. For some reason, my proof reading skills go out the window when looking at a computer screen, while I write like a chav but read like a scholar. I’ll need to develop a more efficient writing style going forward and properly review things before posting them up. Work in progress

So after my next instalment of posts, I shall take a little pit stop break to go through all of them and make them all, a better read. I’ll be hasteful in putting dodgy stuff out in the future, pinky promise

Anyway, as usual, I shall give you a break down of my top ten posts over the last  hundred. This time, in no particular order


Best of the Best


10.1 My Grandiloquent speech/

10.2 The Death of Khurri

So this was my very first writing commission and I was so proud to have gotten to the opportunity to be part of someone’s big day.

The reason this includes two posts is because I had started one version (Grandiloquent speech) but thought it wasn’t going to fit the brief, so I began a new one (Death of Khurri). I didn’t want the original to feel left out so I finished it and turned it into a little story of its own.

I don’t write to make money and was approached for this opportunity, so I’m glad to be part of someone’s special day, without it me getting the old ball and chain.

Double Win


9. Music month: Song of the Day: Number 23, JCB song

How can I not love this post?

I cried so much writing it and it’s one of those sweet emotional journeys that make you realise how special the people in your life truly are, not for the big things but for the little ones. I give my interpretation of the JCB song and how I interpret the lyrics and the overall impression it leaves me with.

I’ve seen some reactions to this on the net and it appears to get people ballin, which I think is an honour but the song clearly helps. I think they compliment each other nicely.

Little note, I tried to share this with the band on their facebook page hoping they would share it with their fans. Probably should have taken out the bit about how I thought the song was a piece of shit all the way through the first verse, you live and learn


8. Clutching at straws – part 1 and part 2

Now I have been thinking about this post for a real real long time but I’ve never had any real way of bringing it up in conversation. It didn’t really fit into anything on this page either but ONE day I just said ‘fuck it’, I’m writing something for ME and it was soooo much fun letting my inner geek out. I need to do more things like this in the future.

The best bit about this was when I found the site from a couple of Harvard Students, who basically came up with the same conclusion as I did. It was nice to know that at least I wasn’t some crazy conspiracy theorist after all.

I just find it truly awesome that small things that we take for granted can have a big impact on the way the world is. Just goes to show you everything is the way it is for a reason.

I also learned there was a thing called, STS, which were courses on Science, Technology and Society and it basically shows how various inventions have an impact on us and shit like that. It sounds like something I might want to look into in the future.

All in all a great time had and probably the most fun I had writing out of this whole bunch.


7. These Pictures say a thousand Words- The beauty of Tag cloud Art

I had so much fun stumbling upon the gem of a site known as Tagxedo and coming up with all those tag cloud art designs. I’ve never felt more like an artist in all my life.

Unfortunately though, this did take away from my writing and I wasn’t able to both create art work and writing at the same time, so my writing productivity took a hit for about 3 months.

On the flip side of this though, they have banned the site now at my work place so I can’t get the basic designs sorted out (I would usually draft a piece at work, then go home and finish if off).

The responses to the pieces were good as well with a few people recommending commissions but no one was serious in following them through, got a badass t-shirt out of it though.


6. These are my confessions

This was an interesting piece. I would read it before this if you haven’t, as there are spoilers below, you’ve been warned.

I had read a domestic abuse case on wordpress years ago when I first started blogging. It moved me quite abit and thought to myself, I think I could do that. So I studied it to determine what were the parts that made me shudder. I also got some fictional letter writing practice in with my ‘there’s two suicides to every love story’ posts, so I thought I could give this one a good go.

It was important for me to build up a picture of these individuals and make them feel real, I wanted it to almost sound like an interview type setting that would draw you further and further in. I hope it did and I hope the twist at the end gave that sinking feeling of loss, like when the last person gets killed in a horror film when you think they’ve escaped.

There are a couple of things I would change in hindsight, things like the fight lasting as long as it did or being so heavily detailed but fuck it. In all, I hope people who are in or know people in domestic relationships will read this and find the courage to change their lives. There is no reason to suffer this type of lifestyle, no reason at all.


5. Short and lost in the reminiscent midnight sky

A tiny tale I wrote off the cuff when looking for beautiful rhyming sentences. I then created this tale of someone, who had been had just won one fight, to suddenly get KO’d from behind

I think what makes it potent is the cancer sufferer put their hope and faith, in the life they would lead with this person when they recovered. Finding out they were no longer loved would then be a devastating blow, far worse than the cancer.

Knowing they stayed strong throughout that whole ordeal and get broken by heart ache was a tiny tale in people having their faith crushed by another, which we often don’t see, even though it occurs every single day.

We never hear the story from the other side of it and the jilter comes across as douche but there is a silent pain in being the supporting healthy one in a cancerous relationship.

Lastly the picture that accompanies it is just top, seeing someone on all fours crying in the rain, the imagery was just a perfect match for the piece.


4. Are we meta learning yet?

Just a little nod to some of the ideals I have and also marvel at some of the achievements people make when they put their minds to it. We may be too busy trying to get facts into us that we never focus on what is the best way for us to learn.

I think this is one of the key things we should focus on in order to get the quality of life we all strive for. Being able to become badass in many activies over a short period of time, rather than being super awesome at half a thing, is the key to living a rich life I feel.

This alongside better time management are gonna be the things that matter in the future, as time becomes more of a valuable commodity to the western world.


3. The true life tale of my lost reflection

Quite a personal one for me and I wanted to take you through my journey of weight loss and my dirty on going affair with food (it’s not right to call it a relationship).

Alot of people usually talk about the perks and you rarely get to see the views of a male with body dysmorphia, so I thought I would share that outlook. Your body is an amazing thing but it is only as good as your mind allows it to be.

You can literally transform 95% of it into anything you want but your mind can also hinder you from truly seeing it for what it is?

Be careful what you wish for?


2. The Simple science to weight loss

So after dabbling in weight loss, I thought I would share my views on it, I did a lot of research into it on my journey and thought I would plonk it up on here.

Alot of people try and make it seem complex or even over simplify it. The fact is it really comes down to you, everything has the capacity to work but understanding why it works I think is key. This should allow you to be realistic with your goals and how long it will take to get there, the rest is about being patient and consistent

It started out as one post and is currently 15, with a possibility of 10 (make that 20) or so more posts being made about it (Ive got some more chopping up to do). I am really enjoying providing this content and hopefully it can help some of you get to where you need to be.

Like I said, the exercise portion of it will come at some time in the future when I have better knowledge of it


1. Everything right and wrong with the world in 3 minutes- Homeless Lottery Winner Prank

Ah this was my big Gripe and One of my most popular posts of the year, it was one that polarized the viewers but sent my post count soaring..

It was a beautiful gesture which if left, unrecorded perhaps would have had the sincerity most people would expect from it. It was though placed in a forma where money could be (and was made for it).

The good thing was the person involved, Eric, managed to get out of his predicament and I last saw him helping other homeless people get out too. The problem being, is this a sustainable way for him to live?

As time rolls on, his funding will start to run out and it may not be long until he is back to where he started, unfortunately this time, the audience may not be so sympathetic towards his kind hear, thinking ‘he’s had his change and he blew is’.

We need to realise that money and possessions don’t solve problems, it only hides them. If you wanna help, give people your ‘time’, not your cash, that’s how I feel anyway.


So there you have it.

Thanks for sticking around and I promise you, the next 100 is gonna be some of the best yet.

Thanks again and feel free to tackle some of the mighty 300, if you think you’re hard enough.



Tara Chucks, see y’all in a bit.