Well it’s official

End of an era…

So after approximately say 8 years… since 2006 when this magical thing came into my life and fulfilled it royally, I have run out of things to watch and waste my time with on youtube.



A long time ago, I never thought this day would be possible with all the old shows of mine to catch up on, random things to laugh at and insightful pieces to lose my time in but it looks as if it has finally happened . I’m staring at the screen thinking hard of things I could watch but in the end, it looks as if I’m pretty much done. Who would have thought eh?


The Good ol days

It wasn’t always like this though, over the years youtube has ruined me in the way most gamers get ruined by the latest installment of their favourite franchise or a sports person when the season starts up again. Unfortunatel, unlike those entities, there is no start or end to the mass of things you can engross yourself in on youtube.

When I first found the site, it was literally a haven for anything your memory had the capacity to remember from your childhood. All the shows, beginning sequences and television adverts from back in the day. RE-living it all was a great joy and a fun way to kill a boring afternoon at work.


Not only that, but I now had a chance to catch up with all the shows that we couldn’t get here in the UK, or at the very least not without an extended delay. This was specifically all the wonderful anime that I had heard about and wanted to watch but never had access to.


And with anime would also come the real life choreography of a well put together fight scene, (from both east and west). Having people simply upload fight scenes was a great way of getting down to the nitty gritty of a battle without having to wade through all the faff. BLISS


I would also use it to find a lot of random funny things, knowing how my taste in humour is quite obtuse to say the least, I relished knowing there were others around the world who shared it. I would use this opportunity to find things that would tickle me senseless, pretty  much causing  a roaring laugh to come out of the middle of nowhere in a quite communal work office.


At times, I would use the playlist function to set up a well defined library of music. I have an ipod and I’m proud to say I’ve never taken it out of the  box, it’s still in my shelf and that’s where it will stay for quite some time (None of my money is going to apple and its trendy monopoly nonsense).

without an ipod or anything of that sort, youtube also became my portable music device, with me saving hundreds of songs on a playlist to listen back to at my own leisure.

You see back in the day when I was at boarding school and before we had Sky TV, the boarders would rely on a small number of us to make mix video music tapes based off recordings of music channels in the holiday breaks

So we’d sit and try to capture the hottest songs , with the best tape editing and bring it back to see who had the most coveted music tape.

Those with the best tapes were often invited to the girls boarding house on a regular basis so we could all jive. So it was like a rights of passage and mini mating call all in one go. It took a few years to get to that ‘tape’ envy status but it was quite a buzz once I was there (it’s the little things like this that make life that bit more interesting/sad).

A little of that is still ingrained in me after all this time and I think that my youtube experience had me going through both history and recent musical tastes and trying to order them into ‘the perfect set of playlists for all occasions’. It kinda takes me back to those days at school.


LWe also had the hidden gems that are the comments section, arguably youtube’s greatest asset was the ability for people to somewhat anonymously immortalize themselves with a plethora of comments which often outshun the video uploads themselves.

A great set of comments can have you scrolling through thousands and thousands of them as you get engrossed in a mini online community of passionate individuals, usually personally invested in something only some would refer to as utter dribble.

All beautiful stuff




But wait, there’s more…

I would say one of the best parts about being on youtube wasn’t necessarily having access to everything in one go but the inevitable treasure hunt of it all down.

When it started out, it still had a wide variety but there were somethings you couldn’t find just yet. In this situation, you would wait patiently as you believed someone out there in the wide wide world would eventually manage to upload it (and 99% of the time, they always would). Then eventually you would find that it had been uploaded and you would quickly save it if you could like a precious treasure and start the same thing with another clip over and over again.

On the flipside, if say you wanted to get access to a pirated copy of stuff, say a leaked trailer, you would keep searching to find someone who uploaded it before the inevitable authorities would take it down. You might even get a lil tingle knowing you managed to find it inthe 40 minute window before it was taken down.


All tube and no play makes Novembre a dull boy

So with all these wonderful things to have wasting my time and without the internet at home, it wasn’t long before my social time was outweighting my productive time at work. Soon I was coming in to catch up on stuff on youtube rather than getting any work done at all. I remember getting called in by my boss at least twice at my old position for a solemn bollocking along the lines of

‘Dude, what the fuck have you been upto for the last few months’,


all to really kinda scratch my head and put my hands up as being really really shitty. That was the real height of my use of the site.

But it looks like it’s all gone pear shaped


And so…the end is near…

So today I logged on and realised out of my usual batch of things I keep up to date with

  • There was no fitness stuff to watch
    No new superhero stuff to watch
    No New supernatural to watch
  • No martial arts fights to catch up on
    No new wrestling to watch
  • No random funny to tickle me
    No random shows to catch up on
    No anime to catch up on
    No music videos to download/find

You see  out of most of the stuff I subscribe to, I’ve caught up on the backlog, So these channels are now acting like a tv station, where i’m waiting for new content to be fulfilled. What’s worse is that in the downtime, I found myself twiddling my thumbs, playing with it out of boredom (steady there you dirty minded fucks)  in the same way that someone may just flick channels on a TV and that was the precise reason I threw out my TV in the first place (channel flicking on broadcast tv is the SINGLE MOST TIME CONSUMING WASTED ACTIVITY OF THE FIRST WORLD PUBLIC)

Even though I never thought it would be possible, this sad day was always inevitable,

it happened with the porn,

it happened with comics

it happened with facebook (superquickly),

it happened with running

it happened with the superhero forums,

it happened with the music searching,

it happened with dating sites,

it happened-ish with writing (sowwy)

it’s happened with pretty much everything.

The draw of the site has pretty much gone oh well.

Bare in mind, this day has probably come alot sooner than it naturally would have since Youtube has become more and more militant about deleting shit and keeping copyright folk happy.

All that stuff has really moved over netflix and other dedicated streaming sites.Netflix just doesn’t have that real addictive treasure hunt or interactive side to it. It’s just begging for you to waste your life watching boxsets till the day you die. It’s just not cricket, call me old fashioned.

Youtube’s also changed the way that comments are stored, firstly you are no longer given that sense of ambiguity commenting on youtube as your account is linked to a google+ account, meaning you have to register  and thus, they can track your black ass, so all the liberal wrong comments have died down quite significantly. So the raw entertainment the place used to provide is significantly less than in its hayday.

Infact, the internet hasn’t had a lot to offer me with regards to entertainment today. Dare I say I may be coming to that stage when this limitless vast cest pool of misdirection and misinformation alongside a heavy dose of distraction isn’t doing it for me anymore.

Heck at one point I actually said

Maybe I should start writing regularly again!!!!

You just know shit’s gotten real when you’re thinking like that


So now what?

So with that, I genuinely decided to come back to one of my loves, and persuaded myself  that with regards to the net, it was definitely better to give than to receive.

If my habbit continues, I will continue to write on a more regular basis, I got myself some nice momentum at the end of last year and it would be a shame to not capitalise on it in any shape or form.

Even though I missed my regular rants about blue monday and valentine’s day, I still think there is more than enough to keep you going throughout the day if you want it.

So stay tuned folks,you have youtube to blame for more rainy day entertainment is coming your way