Quote of the Year 2015 – No Thanks, I’m Good

Another Year, Another Dollar

Ah yes, it’s that time of year where I reflect on the most influential words to reach my ears over the course of the last 365 days.


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Since we’ve all just recently attended some form of New Year’s party of some sort, I think this one is not only one of the best but also one of the most relevant. To clarify, I shall have to set the scene.




After having a unforeseen Hiatus from Benji B’s radio show for most of the year, I decided to check in one random evening just for the fuck of it. I believe this was a fated event because the opening song blew my fucking mind outta the water.

It was the perfect story of a woman shooting a man down after finding herself in a fucking shitty party she didn’t wanna be at, all sung beautifully by a lady called Alecia.

Make no mistake ladies and gentlemen, this wasn’t the typical ‘no scrubs’ public service announcement, this was a dressing down on a genetic level, a pure disdain I’ve yet to hear given by anyone.

We’ve come to associate parties and gatherings as great events in our modern day society but the pink elephant no one ends up addressing is that the majority of them are fucking shit and most people would rather be somewhere else. Furthermore you spend a majority of you time isolated from your friends talking to complete fuckwits you care nothing about.

I salute Alecia for concocting this anti-party anthem for the little guys, the geeks, the emos, the oddballs, anyone who has ever found themselves out of place at a social event of any kind and has thought…


What the FUCK am I doing here?


Most people are far too polite to say anything but that’s why Alecia says it for us in perhaps the clearest way possible.

Because of this, the whole fucking song is going to be my Quote for 2015, I dare not dissect it as it is perfect in its entirety.

Honesty at this level is the definition of beauty incarnate. I hope you all have the honesty to be this beautiful in 2016.

If you do, you find me waiting over here.


Alessia Cara – Here


I’m sorry, if I

Seem uninterested

Or I’m not listenin’

Or I’m indifferent

Truly, I ain’t

Got no business here

But since my friends are here

I just came to kick it

But really, I would rather be

At home, all by myself

Not in this room, With people

Who don’t even care

About my well being

I don’t dance, don’t ask,

I don’t need a boyfriend


So you can, go back,

Please enjoy your party

I’ll be here.


Somewhere in the corner

Under clouds of marijuana

With this boy who’s hollering

I can hardly hear

Over this music I don’t listen to

And I don’t wanna get with you

So tell my friends that I’ll be over here

I ask myself what am I doing here?
And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here


Excuse me if I

Seem a little unimpressed with this

An anti social pessimist

But usually I don’t mess with this

And I know you mean only the best

And Your intentions aren’t to bother me

But honestly I’d rather be

Somewhere with my people

We can kick it and just listen

To some music with the message

Like we usually do

And we’ll discuss our big dreams

Our wee plan to take over the planet


So pardon my manners,

I hope you’ll understand

That I’ll be here


Not there in the kitchen

With the girl Who’s always gossiping

About her friends

So tell them I’ll be here


Right next to the boy

Who’s throwing up

‘Cause He can’t take

What’s in his cup

No more, Oh God why am I here?

I ask myself what am I doing here?
And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here


Hours later congregating

Next to the refrigerator

Some girl’s talking ’bout her haters

She ain’t got none


How did it ever come to this

I shoulda never come to this

So holla at me I’ll be in the car when you’re done


I’m standoffish,

Don’t want what you’re offering

And I’m done talking

Awfully sad it had to be that way

So tell my people

When they’re ready that I’m ready

And I’m standing by the TV

With my beanie low

Yo I’ll be over here

I ask myself what am I doing here?
And I can’t wait till we can break up outta here