Quote of the Year 2014


Ha, so this is my entry for 2014’s Quote of the Year.




I’ve been sitting on this gem for most of the year but as soon as I heard it, I knew it was going to be the winner of this little prize. I’ve actually been dying to tell someone about it this whole time.


Because it was the first time in a very long time that I was rendered silent in a conversation where I took the role of devil’s advocate. I was left actually abandoning the cause and agreeing with the creator of this masterpiece. That and it was pretty damn funny.

So the story goes a little bit like this

I was at a party with a friend and it soon started getting really late so we decided it was time to get ourselves back home. It wasn’t too far back to town so we decided to walk the distance.




On route, drunken chat ensued and we ended up talking about relationships and feelings, as men do. It’s funny that guys never ever have these types of conversations when they are stone cold sober but as soon as alcohol is involved, it’s literally the first things outta their mouths.

Oh well

So this individual has been single for some time and I never quite understood exactly why. There is nothing wrong with him but on reflection, he does appears to shy away from engaging with the opposite sex in that capacity when in a social environment. I know what shy people are normally like but there appeared to be more to it, so I took this night as an opportunity  to determine the root cause.

.As does happen with most people, this individual suffered a great loss in the ending of a previous relationship.What’s worse is the fact  this notion was still hard to swallow. Mostly because the relationship didn’t end because of the usual train wreck ingredients but because of mitigating circumstances that meant it was not a healthy time for either of them to be in a relationship, let alone in one together.

Turns out he had compartmentalised the whole event as being his fault, when it clearly wasn’t. More than likely, in another time or space they would’ve worked out and it’s these two issues operating simultaneously in his mind that appears to be cockblocking him, at least that’s how i see it.

In short, she’s still the love of his entire existence and he’s unable to emotional disconnect from her.

The funny thing is that men and women deal with the end of relationships pretty differently. More often then not, Men probably deal with the end of relationships far worse than women do in the long run.. By this I mean relationships that actually hold water,



So personally, I would say that I’m out of the helping people game. I don’t mind how people go about their lives  and they are allowed to react to events however they please BUT in this case,  it has been some time since they broke up and I believe it has had a detrimental impact going forward.

I thought this chat might be an opportunity to offer him some words of potential advice, not to be taken as gospel and utilised immediately but to be mixed with all his other thoughts as some form of counterbalance, a resource he may draw upon later on in life if he chose fit

So I said something along the lines of this

In life, we have to be careful about the amount of time we spend reflecting on the past, especially on situations that we no longer have the opportunity to change or influence. Life has played out a certain way, for a reason you may not understand but a reason nonetheless. However, there is something we can do, and that is concentrate on the now and the future. We can use information obtained in the past and plan today how to make our lives better in the future. We need to be able to look forward with a sense of hope and perseverance in order to make something of this life.

He coldly stopped walking, turned to me and said


Perseverance won’t suck your dick in the morning


as if this wasn’t bad enough, he then finished off this classic with


and if it did, it certainly wouldn’t cup the balls!!

I was Stunned silent.

He was right




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