Everything right and wrong with the world in 3 minutes -Homeless lottery winner prank

You know when I Said I was gonna kill you last…I lied

I know I know, I’ve just put up a post about being done with youtube and yes, this post is going to be about a specific youtube video I watched, and YES, today is April’s fools but all these things are purely coincidental I assure you.


My youtube time has diminished significantly



This is something I caught between writing the last post (i.e over the last two weeks) and wanted to comment on.

So you can all put your waggy fingers away for a moment and Everything.


The circle of life never fails to keep rolling

I’d like to ask you to watch this video



For those of you unable to, here’s a quick summary (if you have watched it, you can skip to the ‘Good’ section).

So in a nutshell, a popular youtuber decides to do a good deed for a random homeless stranger he’s heard about from other members of the community

So he decides to prank him with a fake lottery ticket win

To be fair when I first heard the term ‘prank’ was being used,  it felt as if it was going to have a sinister plot twist at the end. I know there are some crazy people out there who would happily make fun of other’s misfortune just for shits and giggles (aka Moi) and I thought this might be one of those videos but thankfully it wasn’t.

I think they should have used the term ‘surprise treat’ instead but it’s a tiny semantics issue that is resolved once you see the video in its completeness.

To cut a long story short, the homeless man is given a fake lottery ticket and is taken to a shop owner (who’s in on the prank) to find out he’s won. The entire thing is captured on hidden cameras.

The homeless man of course is overjoyed as is expected with the win but catches the pranker off guard when he  counts out money in his hand and says the following.


“I would like to share it with you my friend,  this right here will be enough for me”


No one expects the homeless guy to act in this way and when the pranker continually refuses, he too catches the homeless man off guard, who is overwhelmed by the emotion and falls into a silent stare looking while looking dead into the hidden camera.


homeless lottery winner


There is about a seven second stint of screaming silent tension as the homeless man starts to come to terms of the sheer magnitude of this event and you seem this ball rolling his eyes, recounting probably every moment of his life’s struggle up to that point. Dare I say, it’s probably the saddest set of eyes you’ve seen in a real real long time. So sad that they spontaneously combust into tears


The prankster reacts in reflex and throws out his hands to hug this man and they embrace. You can feel some of the weight come off this homeless person, even at times it appears as if the prankster is actually holding him up as his body goes limp in his arms. The two men are both overwhelmed by the event and while the homeless man sobs, the prankster is seen also wiping a tear from his eye.

At the end of the video, the homeless man then reveals he’s never had anyone do anything like that for him as he only glimpses at the surface of his life long struggles.

So with that done, I’ll go on to describe my take of this video


The Good

Ok, the great things about this comes in abundance

The original folk who recommended the homeless guy

The  homeless guy’s initial attitude to life in order to get him noticed in the first place

The generosity of the channel owner for wanting to donate money to him

The way it was styled to make it seem like the homeless guy’s luck had come through and he wasn’t being a charity case.

The homeless guy’s epic humble response to want to share his winnings with a friend he’d only just met.

The hug which in my opinion was worth significantly more than the prize money itself

The whole ‘feel good’ aspect of it and the fact that they are good people out there

The subtle realisation that not all homeless people are bad people.

The way this video gets me right in the feels and made me cry, quite a bit


right in the feels


The Bad

Ok, I just have to say it but this is one clear example of when people think they are helping, they really really aren’t.

Never in my life had I been in a situation where money itself is capable of solving a poverty related issue. I know it sounds dumb since the majority of us associate leading an impoverished life with a lack of capital, I can assure you it is so much more fundamental than that.

It always pains me to think that giving money to charity or to homeless people is enough of an act to ‘make it go away’.

Even though it was incredibly generous to give 1000 dollars to a stranger, this is by no means anywhere near what he needs in order to get on his feet.

He may need education

He may need opportunities to better himself

He may need medication

He may need a roof over his head and some warm food

He may need therapy, physical and/or emotional

He may just need someone to fucking talk to for fuck’s sake


Now this isn’t to say that his lifestyle is not the direct result of his choices and or lack of action, some people may say he deserves to be in his predicament but everyone fucking makes mistakes and the thought of having to take a hit like that indefinitely is a sad remainder of an existence to have.

This isn’t an isolated case though, we all walk by people like this daily and if we feel internally pressured by the situation, we opt for the easy option and give them cash instead of helping.




Money own its own cannot provide those things, especially in the amount he received

This small beacon of light is but a firework in a lifetime that’s spanned some significant hardships. Money is nothing but an opportunity to be perceived as helping a problem without committing yourself to either the long haul or true investment required to overcome it.

People do it all the time and I don’t think it’s right. I’ve ALWAYS said this but if you want to help and I mean really help, give up your time, not your money. As a consultant I’ve come to realise that my time is my most valuable commodity and leasing it out for free when I think I’m busy can help make real changes in people’s lives,  no matter how small, as long as it is consistent. You simply can’t buy a helping hand.

The money he is given will soon be gone and he will be back to square one but now people will be even less likely to help since he’s had his moment in the limelight and ‘squandered it’. Life may become even tougher for him as he’s brushed aside as yesterday’s news who should be lucky he got any help in the first place.

There is nothing worse than taking the wind outta someone who is riding on positive momentum to get them out of a rut, it can literally set them back years and I think money is just one of those things that leads to a crisis crash once it all dries up.

You only have to look at most charities, even with the millions of pounds they get can’t even make a dent in most of the causes they are there to help out. It’s really quite sad, I wonder when charities are going to stop asking for money and start asking for people’s time instead. I suppose time doesn’t pay for the champers at the christmas parties. Meh


The Ugly

Regardless of what anyone says, this video was made on purpose with a specific goal in mind,

It was methodically thought out and set up in advance

The poster’s message at the beginning of the message wasn’t a serious one about the state of people or some deeper cause. There’s also nothing at the end summing it up but instead links to past videos on a channel somewhat unrelated to performing good deeds. It was clear that it was for entertainment purposes

It is on a youtubers page who is getting money for the amount of views it gets. currently at about 14 million views and counting with a page with advertising, that is a significant amount of income coming alone from this video.

Dare I say, the video has made enough money to payback the prank itself tenfold.

Does this render the good deed good at all if the person who did it actually ends up better off for doing so than when they started?

What do they say again,


‘There’s no such thing as a selfless act’.


One could argue that a profitable charitable cause, alongside an increased fanbase due to additional subscribers emotionally tied to the video proves this point.


Another point I would like to bring up is that while I’m a firm believer in deeds’ like this’, I’m not always one hundred percent understanding as to why anyone going through with it, has to tell people about it.

Bragging or telling someone that you are doing a good deed in my eyes renders the act from being less about the person you are doing it for and more about trying to get people to think you are a straight up person. That’s only on the telling your friend scale too, imagine what it must be like to set the whole thing up on hidden cameras and then put it on the internet. It just feels like one massive overcompensation.

I know that the video has inspired alot of people to be generous with their donations and what not but why the need to be personally identified with the deed.

If you wish to inspire people,  why not create a separate channel and anonymously upload the clip, the video would have been far more powerful had the owner had left themselves out of it. Call me a sceptic….but I’m a sceptic.

I still believe the moment woud have been more powerful if it was one he shared with the guy on the spot without the hidden cam, the prankster probably didn’t allow himself  to fully get engulfed in the moment because he was ‘acting on camera’ which is a real real shame. Life experiences like that don’t come round often and they may have missed the point of the whole experience by not yielding to it. Shame

The video is suppose to create a warm feel by living through the experience of the homeless person, rallying in the good nature of the prankster and perhaps sharing in it by also actively donating oney in order ‘help’ (I noticed that is an addition to the video since it was first uploaded, not an original plan of the uploader)

Instead what it does is utilise a real life person with serious problems as a pawn in order for us as a community to feel good about ourselves.

Because the real winners in this are the 14 million people living a comfortable enough life to view the internet on their mobile devices, while consuming this lil piece of pseudo human kindness in order to


a) feel better about themselves (I wanna help but not get involved, take my anonymous donation )


b) feel more complacent with the current status quo (There are good people out there so I don’t have to try to change the world afterall).


That homeless man unwittingly bared his soul on a hidden camera, for what someone would consider the ‘amusement of the general public’ and all without his consent.

One more point I wanted to make is that the maker of this video could have potentially stolen this man’s dignity. The man came across as a very grounded human being who perhaps doesn’t like to be seen as a charity case, this is seen in his politeness and his humble nature in wanting to split his winnings. I mean he doesnt even frantically go for the cash when it’s getting counted out infront of him, he quietly waits in awe to have it handed over.

Not everyone wants to be looked down on by society, not everyone wants to be seen as a charity case. He lost his chance to dig himself out of his hole (if that is what he wanted to do), he also lost his chance to save face by being made vulnerable by the situation and having it all captured on camera. I would say it’s a little bit cruel to take a man who has nothing already and then take their dignity on a hidden camera by faking an emotional significant event for our entertainment.

How many people would wish to be recorded during their low points in life. In the balance and grand scheme of things, it just doesn’t seem fair to me. I think there’s some sense of exploitation going on here and the only reason I can see for the cause is full circle.




I know many people won’t see it this way but if this was your relative and you were watching this on youtube, you may feel real upset he’s been used in that way. Then again if you were his relative, you probably would have shame knowing a complete stranger has done more for him than you ever have. It’s all swings and roundabouts.

There’s just so much to take from this, I could go on for days but I must draw a close somewhere, so I’m going to stick a fork in the ground and choose right about…….here.


Show your support

If you are touched by this video and feel the need to donate money, please use the link below


If you are wishing to actively help this gentleman out at any point in time

contact the youtube clip owner for more information on his whereabouts


If this has emotionally affected you in anyway, please think about it the next time you walk past someone on the street and think about what you could do to best impact their lives going forward. It’s usually a lot less than you think.


I’m glad you allowed me to share this with you, my friends




See how the donation money you helped raised was spent/managed in this update video below

It still doesn’t change my view point but it seems Rahat may be in this for the long haul, was pleased to see him grafting and putting in the time I mentioned earlier in order to furnish the house. Still think he should have consulted Eric before spending any of the money, blowing half of it without consent is a lil presumptuous hinders Eric to reaching the self dependent goal everyone wants from him.

I guess time will tell how this story end up, I hope Eric gets something inherently good to add to his nature (as do we all as viewers), that’s what’s most important of all.