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bleach volume 1 cover



The current (and what appears to be the main) Antagonist of the series is a Character called Yhwach, a god of the quincies who bestows part of his essence in people so the can obtain a great power.
However, upon their death, his essence returns alongside all the memories and inherited greatness of said individual.
Based on Ywach’s powers, he will inevitably get to a point where he kills off all his subordinates and re-absorbs his implanted essence them, claiming back all their powers and memories.
This will put him at an incredible battle advantage, ultimately being somewhat invulnerable to any assault with a range of attacks and defences that is just unheard of.
And we as the reader, will be put in a position where we come to think
How is it ever going to be possible to beat such a character?
Well I would like to put a point forward a theory that may hold up to scrutiny.


The Gist

So in chapter 541, we learned that Yhwach and Old man Zangetsu shared an essence.




Infact, Old Man Zangetsu states that rather than being Ichigo’s zanpakuto spirits as we all originally thought, He is the manifestation of his latent quincy powers. He also states that he is Yhwach while also not being Ywach at the same time

One could also argue that Old Man Zangetsu is a segment of Yhwach’s bestowed soul and is the equivalent to the schrift that was placed upon The stern ritter in order to enhance their powers.

So based on this, we can assume that the two characters should share alot of common ground




Now at this stage in the story we know much more about Old man Zangetsu than we do about Yhwach. We get to gauge the Old man’s  personality from his interactions with Ichigo and also Hichigo over the various training arcs.

Apart from having a deep protective personal bond with Ichigo, We can’t really tell that much more about him but there is one thing he does note to himself that stands out.

The reason it does stand out is because he states this as a rhetoric soliloquy to himself with no one around to hear him, almost as if he is sending out a subliminal message to the audience.

The scene occurs when Ichigo defeats his inner hollow for the first time after asking Old Man Zangetsu for help in defeating Zaraki Kenpachi in battle. Afterwards, Ichigo returns to soul society to face off against Kenpachi, Old man Zangetsu absorbs Hichigo and is left on his own,


bleach-1587996 bleach-1587997 bleach-1587999 bleach-1588000


Old Man Zangetsu then looks up into the clouds and states to himself as paraphrased from above…


I hate rain. It rains in here, too. When you are moody, it becomes cloudy. When you are sad, the rain comes down… I can’t stand it. Can you understand? How horrible it is to get rained on when you are all alone in an empty world? In order to prevent that from happening… I’ll lend you whatever power you need! If you can trust me… I won’t let one drop of rain fall from that sky! Trust me… you are not alone in battle… Ichigo


What is the relevance of this?

Now this seemingly unimportant but beautiful quote appears to be nothing more but some lip service towards Tite’s Kubo’s flair with the written word. So much so, older visitors to this blog would have seen it as part of one of my previous layout.

But recently, I’ve been looking at these few sentences above in regards to something Kubo said about his writing style.

This was a post script done by Kubo for an official non canon Bleach novel released in 2012 called The spirits are forever with you by Ryohgo Narita




If you would like an outline to the story, I suggest you grab a quick one here

Anyway, this is a snippet of what Kubo Had to say

Postscript (Tite Kubo)

Generally, when it comes to creating foreshadowing in Bleach, I divide them into one of several categories.
  1. Foreshadowing that I would like all readers to notice.
  2. Foreshadowing that I would like one in four, or perhaps ten, to notice.
  3. Foreshadowing that I would like one in a thousand, or perhaps ten thousand, to notice and wonder, “Hey… Just maybe…”
  4. And finally, foreshadowing that I lay out over a very long period of time in a variety of places, which only the most dedicated readers of Bleach will notice with a good deal of reasoning from their end. In other words, things that I hide so no one will find, which I will eventually reveal much further down the line in the main story.
This revelation pertained to this final category.
I remember getting chills down my spine when I first read this scene. To think that there was someone who had such a deep understanding of Bleach! And to think that I would end up giving someone else the scene I wanted to show! I read it over and over again, unable to believe my eyes.
I think this is one of the greatest joys of being a creator.
So with this now in mind, I’m starting to think that little sentence has more significance than we initially realised, perhaps a 4th level secret?

Let me  at least talk you through it so you can see what you think?


 The Tensa Zangetsu form does not represent his Inner world Bankai Form.

When Ichigo entered his inner world during Jinzen in order to learn the final Getsuga Tenshou, Ichigo was told  that his Zanpakutou spirit form changed when in Bankai.
He was told this by a form who called himself Tensa Zangetsu .
So we were made to believe this was the change in question. Ichigo was also told since he has never been in his inner realm in bankai, he would be unaware of this detail.
We now have evidence to show this isn’t true.

Firstly because old man Zangetsu never represented Ichigo’s ‘bankai or shikai’ states in the first place. The being that represented Ichigo’s Zanpakutou forms was always Hichigo. This is explained to us by Ouetsu when Hichigo’s spirit flows into a brand new Asauchi as he forges a new zanpakuto for him. So everything related to Ichigo’s hollow and Shinigami powers should reflect in Hichigo’s appearance, not Old Man Zangetsu.




Secondly While Ichigo has never ‘entered’ his inner world in Bankai mode before Jinzen, we have seen him ‘in’ Bankai in his inner world. This is when Ichigo was fighting against Hichigo for dominance during his Hollow mask training with the Vizards. In this, he starts his fights with the vizards in Shikai and when he and Hichigo Bankai in his inner world, his outer hollow self also goes into Bankai mode.  In this form Hichigo appears to mimic Ichigo’s clothing style albeit it is a variant with his clothes being White.





So yeah, Ichigo has been in his inner world while in Bankai before his Dangai training and his true Zzanpakuto form takes on a similar look to himself.
 This may not always be strictly a universal trait as his inner hollow has been shown to take on slightly different looks to Ichigo in his inner world, as shown when Ichigo sees him later with his full horned hollow mask and long hair get up. Ichigo had short hair and no mask at this point.
It can also be seen that  when Ichigo materialises both old man Zangetsu and Ichigo after the reforging of his zanpakuto, Hichigo still has a basic shinigami robe on and has not taken on the attire of Ichigo’s  upgraded costume after obtaining his fullbring abilities and the shorter sleeves from the fire damage. That is a mute point though.
We also know from a flashback that the form taken of Tensa Zangetsu took during Ichigo’s Dangai training  is that of  younger Yhwach, probably as a ‘teenager’  when he was first named/worshiped by a group of individuals. This is also assumed to be a younger looking form of Old Man Zangetsu
Yhwach_Young 1274136-tensa_zangetsu

 Why did Old man Zangetsu look younger in age when Ichigo went in to his inner world during Jinzen.

The first thing you have to realise is that his inner world at the time was completely under water. This is based on Ichigo’s apparent despair after having fought and nearly killed Ulquiorra in his most animalistic form.
THe skyscrapers that were already in place before had been replaced by small single story establishments.
Hichigo had embedded himself deep within Ichigo
As far as we know these are the only things that had changed.
So I think it’s fairly safe to say that Old Man Zangetsu’s appearance was affected by Ichigo’s state of mind, specifically the increased amount of rainfall that had entered and engulfed his inner world. This is especially since this is the only time we encounter him in this form.
So based on this, and also the comment that Zangetsu made a few hundred chapters before, I would like to think that Old Man Zangetsu’s form changed because of Ichigo’s state of mind, and his form was affected the rain/water present.


So based on this, I can draw a couple of conclusions With regards to Old man Zangetsu’s comments and also his change in his appearance, I would go as far to say that he is physically affected by rain and/or high volumes of water.

Since he is a segment of Yhwach, one could argue what affects one would affect the other, based on this, I would state that the same is true to Yhwach, he has a weakness towards extended periods of large bodies of water/rain.



For you to buy into this plot, you have to understand two things,

first of all is that Zangetsu has been purposely limited with the information he has provided Ichigo and has also flat out mislead him before. Based on the fact he stated that he is his enemy and not his enemy means that there are key characteristic traits that Old Man Zangetsu must keep to himself for self preservation. I think his impact of the rain is one such factor.

I would also like to explain why Old Man Zangetsu taking on a younger appearance can be seen as a manifestation of him growing weaker.


De-aging evidence

We can tell from chapter 565 that Yhwach ultimately started off lifeless entity, he couldn’t breath or do anything but he knew he was alive. The more people came into contact with him, the more of his soul that he gave out, in order to help people overcome certain obstacles and the more he would inherit their gifts at their death.

So he would gain limbs from those who wanted speed

Arms from those who wanted strength

Lungs from those who couldn’t breath properly

and so on and so forth.

SO he started to grow in a humanoid form with the more essence he received back……..

So we can associate his growth as him obtaining more and more power.

This is summrised in chapter 565 across these pages





If we look at the chain logically, we can also assume that Yhwach getting younger is a manifestation of himself getting weaker. This is what is implied would happen by Haschwald if ywhach stops absorbing the entities of others, he would return to his former lifeless self. This can be implied to take on the form of de-aging.

So it is reasonable to assume that  the younger looking Tensa Zangetsu form is a weaker state than Old Man Zangetsu.

So we ask again, Why would he be weaker,

Well surely because of the influence of Ichigo’s flooded world.

It comes back to the rain again.


 The Reason for the Heuco Mundo Invasion

So this bring me to linking another point which a lot of people have been unclear about.

The Vandereich’s Heuco Mundo invasion.

Some say it was a strategic battle ploy in order to gain ground and an opening platform against the Shinigami and Soul society.

It could also be an easy strike for the Vandereich to recruit Arrancars for their army

While this may have been the case, personally I’m not so sure that’s all there is to it.

Heuco Mundo hasn’t been used as any kinda strategic entry point as far as we know, apart for a distraction for Ichigo when the second invasion occurred.

Apart from one Arrancar, we haven’t seen any other hollows amongst the Quincy ranks

It looks like they may have been an ulterior motive.

One thing to note is that while we are told that the Arrancars are enslaved or recruited by Quilge before his death, We get to see one of the most powerful if not the most powerful surviving Espada has been taken and held captive. The previous 3rd Espada, Harribel Tier




This isn’t just in any old jail, Sh is personal captive in the quarters of Yhwach himself.

A lot of people think that she is taken captive because at the time, she should be the strongest espada and it was a strategic move in order to break the other arrancar and make Heuco Mundo fall quicker.

Personally I think there could be other motives involved, considering her power set.

In short, her resurrection powers have the ability to manipulate water on a grand scale.

Her move ___ was able to flood a large section of fake karakura town during her bout with Hitsuguya and send out vasts amount of water,



Now If I was Yhwach, I would certainly keep to one side the only entity possible of harming me/depowering me on a significant manner.

Not only that but If I was really on the ball, I would seek to plant my soul on her in order to retrieve the part of her soul that is immune to water in order to provide myself with complete invulnerability. However the reason she in personal isolation is possibly due to the fact that she has not agreed to go through with the ceremony.

This is the reason why we have seen her locked up for so long while the other captives from Heuco Mundo are kept separately.


Tiny doubt in this theory

There is a little flag in this that states that Quincy are allergic to Hollow as stated by Urahura in this little gem here, However, I am willing to argue that Yhwach is not a Quincy at all (in the purest sense), rather their god like father figure and therefore does not abide to the same rules as the rest do.

Afterall, he has been shown as have passed on Quincy powers to Arrancars and we have seen said Arrancars fall in battle, so he should have absorbed back his essence then.

Based on this, I would say he is immune to the hollow threat


Why does Yhwach live in an Ice Palace?

Also, when you look at the location of where Yhwach was held, it was described as an ice palace.




Again, this could have no significance but Ice could be considered stable bodies of water. Perhaps by manipulating the water in that region so it never could rain, Ywhach is able to protect himself from harm. Again just another possibility to look out for that seems plausible when reviewed against everything else.


Yammamoto’s Bankai Theft importance

Aso when it came to the arc revolving around the theft of Bankai, Yhwach, specifically went after Yammamoto’s bankai, which is a fire related one. Most people went for the notion that the fire Bankai theft was done because it was the most powerful however, it was most likely done because it was one of the most powerful fire related ones.


yammamoto bankai


W saw that Yammamoto in Bankai, using Zanka no Tachi Nishi Zanjitsu Gouki, would automatically engulf himself in pure flames, stopping or burning anything that approached him.




Now what would be a more fitting Bankai to have when you have a natural weakness to large volumes of water?

Alongside the strategy of wanting to keep your only weakness locked away, you would want to keep your best line of defence close to you. What better way to keep the heat off than with a fire based Zanpakuto?

Especially one that engulfs your entire surroundings and is strong enough to evaporate all water from soul society by being activated.




Again, it sounds reasonably plausible when you start putting everything else into place. All other bankais were stolen but their owners weren’t killed because there was a notion that they would eventually return to their owners.
Perhaps Ywach implanted his soul within these zan spirits so he could claim the essence of the shinigami who fell in battle But he specifically chose to keep yammamot’s bankai and to have him killed so it could never return.

Again, potential food for thought.


Why did the Quincies Erect a Barrier Around Soul Society?

Again, when the Vandereich invade soul society for the last time and swap it with their Kingdom in the shadows, we see there is a large barrier that is placed around soul society.




A lot of people speculated that this was put in place in order to keep people from getting in.

However, so far, Ichigo, Byakuya, Renji, Urahara, Rukia have all managed to pass through. Even Gremmy’s meteorite was able to get through it.

There are also not that many captain level individuals outside of the barrier in the surrounding districts who have been purposely kept out or could help out in a significant manner. All relevant captain class Shinigami were already inside the barrier when they came in.


So if it is not there to keep people out, what is it keeping out Could it be there as a form or prevention against something elemental. Perhaps the rain again?

Maybe, maybe not but it definitely does tie in to the rest of things on here.


So there you have it

That’s pretty much it

Let me know what you think.

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If  you’d like to know how our hero, Ichigo fits in to all this, I would click on the picture below on my theories on the true powers of Zangestu


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