Quote of the Year 2013


Right, after finally managing to catch up on my yearly entries, I can now push forward to describe to you my Quote of the year 2013.

Now this year, I have been quite the adventurous bunny with trips around the world

  • I made it to Amsterdam for a smoke up
  • I made it to Pamploma for a bull balls up
  • I made it Vegas for a spend up
  • I made it New york for a fuck up
  • and I made it to Guatemala for a spectacular chill down.

But by far the most profound trip of mine was to my 2nd music festival. Technically it was the first music festival that I had wanted to go to and also it was my first music festival abroad.

I’ve been listening to Benji B’s BBC1 and BBC1xtra music show since 2009 and have continually relished the opportunity to watch him play live.

I had heard him mention the outlook festival in previously in a special he had done and there was nothing but great news about it but it also had a sister festival which started up just in 2012 called Dimensions.

I had originally decided to try and take an extended 10 day vacation and manage to go to both however, I could only manage one based on a busy travelling schedule in 2013 and a lack of holiday days to go around. SO when I looked at the line ups, Dimensions had a few more acts than Outlook that I recognised. This plus the fact it was relatively new meant even less people would be there out of hype and would be attending for purely the artists, which made my choice to go to Dimensions that much easier.

So with that, I was off. Considering no one on this planet really understands my musical tastes, I decided to travel their alone as there is nothing worse than trying to coax someone to be just euphoric as you when they have no appreciation for where your musical soul resides.

In the end that turned out to be one of the best decisions I’ve ever made but I’ll get to that later.

On a side note, I will have to start up a section talking about my worldly adventures as my travels stories are starting to become more interesting. For the purpose of this, I will quickly give you a quick description of the experience.

Dimensions was simply fucking amazing.


The venue was an abandoned fort, Punta Christa, right on the coast of Pula in Croatia. It grossed a mixture of some of the most amazing venues, acoustics and underground music vibe, jacked up with day time chilling right on the beach

It is possibly one of the closest I’ve come to finding heaven on earth. Right, hopefully that’s set enough of the tone for me to plough on through


Quote of the Year 2013

Anway, after another fantastic night of partying up till about 7am with some of the most contemporary and inspiring production musicians of our times, Me and my cowboy hat found ourselves relaxing on the beach. Take in mind, I am not a beach relaxer at all but when in Rome and all that jazz. It was quite impossible not to with the bar right behind me selling pint sized cubra libres and the sound system that you could hear from space, spilling out some mellow tunes. So for once, I gave in to the norm.


The sun was starting to set over us all when all of a sudden the DJ decided to put on some James Blake, specifically his tune Retrograde.

All of a sudden, the calm of the air was split by this angelic humming, nothing more and nothing less for approximately 30 seconds of the intro.

The song basically then divulged into a narrative about how James’ beckoning someone to remove their shackles of normality and embrace their individuality, specifically the side of them they love and makes them strong.

Breaking out

The lyrics threw me back to watching the swimming pool scene from Cocoon when the alien removes her Tahnee Welch public self and showcases her true beauty. No matter how different it is from what is socially acceptable, it is her embracing of her true form that makes taking her in breathless. It is her retrograde that  ultimately defines her beauty in his eyes.

tara welch

In those moments, I felt a peace and tranquil unlike any other I’ve experienced in my life. The calmness of mind and a sense of overall meaning to everything, anything and all in between. I just can’t explain it, it was as if my aura had been reset and I was experiencing living and all the five sensations associated with it for the very first time. The sensations of life with its hidden meaning unveiled to me as effortlessly as falling snow.

It was simply heaven and I started to hum along to the tune, almost involuntarily

Not Alone

The beauty, the real beauty that makes this so prolific is that I wasn’t on my own on this enlightened transgression

I had noticed over the course of the song that some people had started to hum the tune as well and a few others had started to sing.

With this, you have to bear in mind that the type of music I’m into isn’t really considered mainstream and to generally find one person in forever to know a song I’ve stumbled across on Benji B’s radio show is  do is virtually impossible, let alone thousands, so this was quite a big deal.

And with this, I started to sing to. By the end of the song when it came to the second batch of humming, half the beach had started to hum along side it, and as the song faded out, we all continued to hum along in one glorified acapella. So much so that pretty much everyone else had joined in. Instead of playing the next tune, the dj faded the song back in again, inline with our humming as we simply just carried on and on and on.

It was as if we all shared one unique consciousness for just a few minutes but in those few minutes it was enough to realise when it came to the time of shedding skin and revealing the real me, I was not alone and quite frankly, I never have been and never will.


There are no words

My 2013 quote of the year doesn’t have profound diction, fuck it doesn’t even have words but man, that feeling of unison that came with humming is something that will stay with me till my dying day.






I would personally congratulate James Blake but the powers that be already have, with his Overgrown album (which includes the single Retrograde) winning the Mercury Prize this year.

It’s so good to have an artist and sound I’ve been following underground for a while (don’t believe me, read this PROOF, I’m no glory hunter)   suddenly get the recognition for his talent.

I hope his talent continues to inspire me well into 2014 and beyond.

Enjoy folks,alongside some relatedholiday snaps to try and capture that once in a lifetime ambience

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James Blake – Retrograde


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