2012: The year of nothing

My vision for 2012

I’ve decided to name this year ‘the year of the nothing, inspired by the Chinese and their naming of their years after their traditional animals. For all of you whom are actually interested, this year is year of the Dragon. So now you know…

But i will explain why this year is the year of the nothing based on this story i heard, in a dream, after I was doing some research for my ‘I’ve got a bad case of the runs’ piece.

The legend has it that…

A school in mississippi were out and were digging up their time capsules from previous members of the school which had been there. For all of you who are unaware a time capsule is not a fucking external hard drive from apple, but a device  where where by where you can communicate with the future by leaving traces of the past for them to find and dig up in 10, 20 or 100 years time. Most people leave a letter, a picture, a personal item, something that encapsulated their time at that moment and sometimes a message of hope and a warning to not repeat the mistakes of the past.

So comes the class of 83#s turn to dig up the capsule from 100 years before. And they were all excited to find out exactly what had been left..

When they finally retrieved the time capsule and busted it open, they were surprised to find it empty.

They wondered whether there was any war time or medical urgency that stoped the class of 1883 from putting something in their time capsule.

Amongst the crowd, throughout all the confusion, one child smiled and quietly realised what had occurred.

‘They left nothing and neither should he’

He went on to go through the history books and realised that alot of those people in that class went on to be pioneers in their respectice fields and communities, all because they shared this umbrella concept of leaving nothing behind.

27 years later, the same boy, MICHAEL MANN ,who followed the  principles of those who preceeding him 100 years before, now a leader advertising executive for his own company that he built from scratch, was asked by the biggest sports company in the world, Nike, to create a series of adverts for them for the world’s biggest sporting event, and most expensive to advertise in,  the superbowl slot last year. This is what he came up with.

Now, I don’t know about you but that is just a piece of art and clearly makes the same impact on me  as the subtleness of the time capsule had on him.

SO that is why i am making 2011, the year of the nothing, especially considering that the mayans apparently decided that we are all going to die at somepoint during this year. Let’s not leave any of our human traits behind with it and allow another entity to inherit, grow and destory the earth as they see fit. Let’s finish what we started and start everything we’ve ever dreamed.

That means

no excuses,

no missing out on opportunities

no regrets,

no wasted time or energy

100% all the time, everytime

I will squeeze eery drop out of every day

and leave nothing behind.

If any of you had a tough 2011, I emplore you to take the same route and witness the mountains you climb and all you achieve if you truly power through this year like a banshee possessed. You’ll be able to look back at all your feats in glory. And when death comes for you, you’ll meet it glady with a smile, and no baggage to check in.

Arty Ending

This director also made two more advers for nike, the first named fate and the second called destiny.

fate is about the inevitability of two forces of nature meeting on the american football battlefield and how their entire lives have been geared up to that one moment.

destiny is about the vision of an individual and how his future play’s out in front of him as he plans the victory of his eam even before the game

and leaving nothing has already been explained

This following video lays all three videos ontop of one another and to the song ectasy of gold (remix addition), which many of you may recognise as being from the good the bad and the ugly.

I’ve rarely seen music flow to a video so naturally, let alone three, it is as if both pieces were made for each other. simply beautiful.

so take this on your journeys and i expect to find you all back here in 363 days, full of stories of inspiration, englightenment and over coming adversity.

This year is your year, don’t let anyone, especially yourself, take it from you.