The Yin of Greed

The Yin of Greed

There are certain phrases that are used by the general public to describe the dismay of life and things in general.

But I quite like this one.

Everyone can be bought for a price.

A lot of people may argue this but the fact of the matter that the majority of us who are working in a job are infact being bought for a price as we speak.  Some would say a fairly cheap one when you consider that we all seem to live far outside our means and thus inherit an ever increasing debt as we grow older. Not to mention that we are all in professions that may not necessarily be are ideal or first choices. A ‘work to live’ situation as they like to call it

However this phrase, gives us the impression that there is a point where something would be offered that would go against are natural ethical code. And this price is not necessarily a financial one but could be something as simple and abstract as peace of mind or satisfaction, or security for the loved ones (which I think is what most people want in some form or another). So in a sense, if the stakes were high enough, everyone one of us would be willing to commit something like murder, even if it came to saving the very fabric of existence itself, we would all eventually succumb to it.

I could argue a lot over if this is true or not BUT one thing you can’t argue is that if one truly believes this, then they must also believe this.

Everyone can be made to do something for free.

It is the exact opposite end of the spectrum and a lot of people don’t really pay attention to this charitable aspect of society but it does indeed make it a complete and utter possibility.

In simple times like these where there is so much work that is required doing, but no one wants to do it, as they are all being put off by the dire messages being poured out by the governments to us on a regular basis, It wouldn’t actually take that much to get the balls rolling.

All you would have to do is change the goal posts and make the necessity to complete the work a non profit one.

Especially in parts of the world where aid is greatly desired.

Now again, I’m not talking about the putting your hand in your pocket to help stuff, I am talking about the message of getting you off your arse to provide whatever your chosen skill sets are to another person, for no reward or emphasis of being repaid.

Just because you can

Take this simple example

Imagine what could be built if simply everyone carried a single brick to one location. Would you not wonder if that tower would be higher than the fictional tower of Babel that god was so scared of us creating? High enough to build a bridge from here to the moon. And that is just a simple act. What about if we all put our minds into something a lil more challenging without any kerfuffle.



It certainly makes you wonder.

One of these days, I urge you to simply give it a go, and let me know how it felt.

If it felt nice, pass the message on to two more people and see how they feel about it.

It’s amazing how quickly those metaphoric bricks can pile, and all without the need to send out an invoice or chase up payment.