Reinventing the Wheel x 2 (Yelling at the top of my Lungs)

In times like these when money is tight and everyone is tightening up their belts, Advertising campaigns decide that instead of spending money in order to get you to stick with their products rather than moving to the cheaper alternative, they do something very clever

They use the power of nostalgia and remind you of the odler adverts you used to grow up with. These apparently help remind you of a time of grandeur were you are deluded into believing things were better than they were today and people were more reliable and it meant something to be part of something.

One such advert that used to come up in times of need is probably one of my favouries and it’s the story of J R hartley and his hunt to find ‘The art of fly fishing’ via tedious door-to-door methods.

He is then met by his elderly daughter at home which then hands him a copy of Yellow pages and suggests he should try a more efficient way of tracking down this best seller. At the end he finds it and you realise that he is actually after his own work.

Now why he doesn’t have a copy of his own book or wants to read or even fucking write about fly fishing is beyond me but the advert worked.

Now the Yellow pages brand has revamped itself to be more accessible to the youth and is now called YELL. Unfortunately technology has leaped on years and bounds since then and instead of rehashing this old advert, they have recreated only what can be seen as a Frankenstien monstrosity of unoriginality. The advert wreaks of copyright infringement and brings into itself as much artistic flair as a 9 year old pissing themselves during gym class, after being hit in the face with a football pelted at full blast by a sexually frustrated pe teacher who’s wife isn’t giving him any because she’s thinks he doesn’t fancy her anymore because he was eyeing up her mate susy after she had a breast enlargement op. Plus Dave V lately is quite frankly a Deaf KNOB.

I just ask why, if conjuring up nostlagia is no longer a presidence for people to stick with your brand (especially a somewhat redundant brand since smart phones and internet on the go makes any form of crummy search engine pointless), then why not think of new more appealing ways to get customers. You can’t have your cake and eat it Yell. Now i give you props on having a brand identity based off my favourite colour but come on.

It’s just hollywood all over again, why do people feel the need to forever  rehash, hollywood does it too, everyfilm you see now is either a remake or a biopic of something, no one craves the excitment of being plunged into the unknown anymore, we crave mundaness and predictability as a society, even if it is predictably shit. No one wants to be stimulated, dare they have any thing that conjures up an opinion. Heaven forbid

It’s only a matter of time till Yell decides to redo these two as well