Why/How is Andie Mcdowell Still alive???…

Anyone who knows me will know that I’m tolerant and it takes a while for something to get on my nerves

The current issue took like 14 years.

Andie mcdowell, she did ONE film, four weddings and the funeral, ONE BLOODY FILM

and she ends up with a l’oreal contract.

fair enough, it was a decent film.

However she doesnt get it for one year, oh no, that would be mental, she doesn’t wangle a five year contract, that wouid be waaay to greedy.

This greasy curly haired bint gets a 400 year contract with l’oreal.

how, just how???

she wasn’t even hot in her hay day and her hair has always been attrocious. Year after year (just like the annoying coke adverts), i would pray to tiny baby jesus to make sure that I didn’t have to see another andie macdowell advert. And everywhere, vishnu, buddha and allah would come and piss in my chips and get that mop head back on the air again.

WHY GOD WHY???!?!!?!?!?!

(if you say it’s because she’s worth it, i’m going to smash your ****ing head in bum face, amen)

Anywho, since she has been off the air, I have felt calm as the universe has re-centered itself. However i fear now that geordie pikey may take her place, I’m having plans to snipe her, it’s not like it didn’t work with Davina, or that hot chick from smallville (if you don’t know who i mean, it means i did my job well).

YOu can tell i’m very xmasy this year