Putting ‘Google’ into Google makes Jesus Cry Chrome tears backwards

We all know my joint hate/love of adverts but Recently Google Did something pretty good.

They did this

This advert is quite a beautiful creation showcasing the variety of their companies products via the eyes of a beloved dad and daughter relationship.

Now I have a paternal side, especially to younger daughters so this advert managed to creep around my usual cynicism and touch me.

The idea of a father taking a diary of her daughter’s best moments in life is a sweet one to note. you can almost hear his excitement as he logs everything down, in such beautiful detail. The advert uses the sound of the father typing as well to best utilise his excitement (dare i say the sound of someone touch typing has become one of my favourite sounds in the world. To me it has become the sound of thought and there is nothing more beautiful that having people think in my eyes).

As always I have probably seen a side of this advert that many people haven’t, andI have decided that the only reason that a fatehr would go through such an effort to document these moments in his daughtet’s life is because unfortunately, he has a terminal illness and won’t be able to share these memories with her as an adult. So he’s literally stored his conciousness on the internet, and perhaps at his funeral, poor hollie will be given an email address and password to find all his thoughts stored, so she can connect with her father from beyond the grave, and always have him and his memories of her with her.

It’s quite a touching story.

of course I can’t go through this entire post and be sentimental the whole way through. One would say putting all that information of children on the internet is grosely irresponsible as you are unaware of who may get those details and it may fall into the hands of a pedophile ring of sorts. On a more cynical route, google’s products pretty much suck and anyone who wanted to do this properly would simply do it via a facebook account these days which makes the entire marketing display pointless.

I hope people don’t watch this and think it’s  agood idea. While it’s good to share thoughts and childhood aspects with your children, there is something still quite souless about the typed word. i would recommend being old fashioned and keeping away some letters, perhaps to be reposted to your loved ones every so often on a time delay from the post office. You see, technology has managed to bring us all closer together but it has managed to do so in a souless way. As much as google wishes to try and alleviate this phenomenon, it wont because the joys of receiving a written letter is infinite, especially considering our children’s generation would probably be the first to have never received oen which isn’t a bill.

So don’t let social media sites and fancy google start telling you it’s best to message your kids instead of talking to them face to face, or to ‘like’ their statuses instead of giving them a hug. The home should always be the heart of a family , not the internet, please don’t let capitalist take away the last salvaging remnance of a tangible community we alrewady have. It’s already stripped people of their hobbies, work life and friend network, don’t let it filter into the homelife as well. But without being a complete dinosaur, don’t be afriad to utlise segments of it to enhance the dynamic, just don’t let it completely take over.

Cherish your family and be good to them. And if you can’t, do the old fashioned thing and set them all alight.

NOOO, Alight with love you FUCKTARDS!!!! Jezus…

Novembre Pleut, Dad

As an epitaph for this entry, I would like to showcase something along the lines of what I would set up if I had the genius idea of making a life long log for my children and i to share when they are older.

I hope you enjoy, it certainly makes my life complete thinking about it