From April’s Fool to Christmas Cracker – My 9 Month Body Transformation

By the Power of Greyskull, I have the Powerrrrrrrr!!!!

2015 Progress 02.png
Here’s a 9 month body transformation with a twist
This whopping 32kg of controlled fat loss, was achieved with no exercise whatsoever!!!
That’s right, I lost over FIVE STONE and gained a ripped physique with…


  • No Expensive Gym Memberships
  • No Clueless Personal Trainers
  • No Testosterone Driven Weight Sessions
  • No Pointless Gym Classes
  • No Silly Lycra Gym Wear or Equipment Purchases


  • No Hours on the Treadmill, Air Bikes or Cross Trainers
  • No Trendy Workout DVDs
  • No Early Morning Military Circuits in the Rain
  • No Old School Press Ups or Push Ups before Bed
  • No Cycling
  • No Running
  • No Walking
  • No Risk of Injuries, Aches or Pains
  • No Supplements
  • No Bad Tasting Protein Powder
  • No Creatine
  • No Drugs of Any Kind
  • No Slimming Tablets or Drinks
  • No Fat Metabolisers
  • No Hippy Tea Cleanses
  • No Water Cutting
  • No Sodium Manipulation
  • No Fad of Crash Diets
  • No Food Restrictions or Junk Food Bans
  • No Tasteless Food
  • No Healthy Labelled Foods
  • No Tiny Portioned Plates
  • No 10 Tupperware  Meals a Day
  • No Cooking (I Ate Out Everyday!)
  • No Boring Hours of Food Prep
  • No Cravings or Hunger Issues
  • No Gastric Bands or Surgery of Any Kind
  • No Photoshopping, Filters or Picture Manipulation
  • No Dangerous or Antisocial Obsession with my Weight
Just some crucial nutritional science, a LOT of patience, a camera, a homemade excel spreadsheet and a budget of just £2.66 per meal per day.
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Now you can become the Best version of yourself without having to lift a finger.
Just remember, you already walk around with  90% of your dream body, all you need to figure out is  the secrets to unlocking it.
2015 Progress.png
Happy New Year and Good Luck reaching your health goals, whatever they may be.