What your dancing style says about your sex life and whether you can achieve full body orgasms


During one of my last posts I started to delve into some of the specifics of what makes older men more likely to cheat with younger women.

I focused on the attracting nature of the freedom the youth represented, as my main point and was looking for examples to illustrate this.

I found this one on dancing particularly interesting and felt it could hold its own as a single post, so I took it out and here it is now.

Hope you Enjoy


Link between Freedom and quality of sex

The connection I never made before is, those who appear to be socially free, are also more likely to be sexually free. This could be a big part of why we find freedom such an attractive trait in the first place.

Freedom ultimately means more options and more options means having a better selection pool, especially natural selection, which is also a big part of vitality, virtility/ nubility and fertility.

Free people are also more likely to be in tune with their bodies and their ability to sexually express themselves. This again normally manifests in

being more uninhibited in the bedroom,

being more comfortable with your own naked body,

having less sexual taboos,

being more adventurous ,

being able to switch your conscious brain off and react to the situation in a more primal form

and most importantly


Have mind blowing full body orgasms.


All fucking great traits if you ask me.


I like the way you move

Some people think that a key way we determine someone’s sexual prowess manifests in the way they dance and you only have to look at the way your dancing has evolved over time to see how this theory holds water.

When we were kids, we all danced like complete maniacs with no sense for what we were actually doing, instead paying far more attention to how it made us feel. Even though we had no concept of sexuality,this is probably the last time most of us were truly free.

As we got older, we became socially aware of our dancing because we realised other people were watching. This has made the majority of us slightly neurotic about the whole thing.

Some people became more reserved out of potential ridicule with many giving up dancing altogether. Others started to refine their dance skills because they realised it became a form of power over others.

For the lucky few, they remain unphased by the voyeuristic nature of others and still manage to dance as they did as kids, as if no one was watching.


Hips Don’t lie

And how does this translate into our sex lives? Quite easily

The timid dancers tend to sit on the more conservative side of the fence and are more likely to fulfill gender stereotypes set out in the media towards how they approach and react to sex.. They are also less likely to stray from the social norms of basic coital activities. We are all are also more prone to become like this as we get older and instead of sex being something enjoyable and spontaneous becomes a routine chore. These guys are just thankful they are having any sex at all, let alone any trying to achieve full sexual liberation.

The wild dancers may put on a good show in the bedroom but it’s all a big Broadway production, with a lot of hoo ha but when it comes down to it, they are way too focused on nailing the production to actually enjoy the show themselves. Ironically these people will find the solace of masturbation far more enjoyable than a physical encounter with another person and may never open up to what actually gets them off in fear of losing their power placement in the relationship.

And what about the free dancers, you ask? Well have a listen to what Elliot Hulse, Strength Camp Owner, has to say on it, in the video below.




I know right, the look you just had on your face was exactly the same one I had. The weird thing is somewhere down the line, you realise it’s not complete bullshit and it might have some weight behind it.


Science Bitch

Take this pseudo British-German Study, conducted by Neal Greaves a few years ago. The body of work came up with pretty much the same conclusion, using a sample of 40 dudes in order to determine what type of dancing women found attractive,




Now I know what you’re thinking, German and the British men are not necessarily world renowned for their dancing prowess which is why we get ‘good dancer’ moves that look like this


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Perhaps what the study failed to publicize was the fact the women who reviewed the clips,  were high, off enough ketamine to date rape an adult Elephant. Furthermore, the 3D modellers were quadriplegics on a work placement.

But  even with all of this, the concept is similar in what people find attractive


  • Big Movements
  • Less repetition
  • Hip thrusting
  • Arm twirling
  • Facing upwards and outwards
  • Not being stationary


it’s just like the peacocks that put up their feathers and fluff them around, it’s all about making yourself larger than life. I guess it all comes down to standing out from the rest of the pack.


All the Single ladies

And the same this is said for women, I remember and episode of the first season of Glee where the group watched some rivals who specialised in something called Hairography,

Here’s the clip below



Essentially they group were sussed out for the over use of hairography (i.e. dance moves including hair flipping) in order to draw the judges attention away from the quality of the  choreography and also the vocals etc…

This is exactly the same as the flamboyant individuals I was talking about before that had become self conscious of their dancing in order to promote a power placement in a relationship.

Lots of concious big moves to draw attention to themselves and they are just as likely to put on the same act in the bedroom as well. Underneath it all, they may just be too dedicated to their role they are playing to truly connect sexually and allow themselves to fling off that cliff into sexual bliss.

It’s interesting when you think about.


Murder on the dancefloor

I’m off to boogie now but do let me know whether you think this is all just some of my typical bullshit of if any of this holds water.

If you happen to recognise yourself in any of these depictions, i would recommend closing your eyes putting on some loud music and adopting some of the following moves below.

It’s good for the soul.


bfc9fx giphy graphics-dancing- tumblr_leh52wjEcp1qezxsoo1_500 tumblr_mlbsdr4JOK1ra3fkpo1_400 uprock


Now if you excuse me, I’ve gotta go cut up a rug…