Best Tips for sticking to your Diet – Don’t worry about Water weight

No one likes the idea of a diet and because of this, many people falter on their way to getting their dream bodies. Even when armed with all the right information, it’s still very easy to get discouraged about the whole thing and quit.

So here are a couple of things I’ve found that will help you stick with it.

You may not need all of them but some might scream out to you as a good idea and if that’s all it takes to keep you on path, that’s good enough.


Don’t worry about seeing or manipulating water weight

Like I stated before in my opening piece, the body is made up of lean muscle/tissue mass, fat and water.

Even though your regime may have you burning fat, for some reason, you may find,  you are actually holding onto more water than you normally would, usually in the subcutaneous layer of skin (between the skin and the tissue).

You can generally tell when this occurs because you will ‘feel’ and look more bloated than normal, with your skin having a smoother rounder appearance to it.

This phenomenon is known as water retention.




So for ladies, some of this additional water retention is hormone related, other people have a sensitivity to salt, which makes you more likely to retain water. Others simply don’t drink enough fluids during the day (I will cover this in another section). This, depending on your size and frame, could equate to a significant amount of additional water mass, which could impact your total body weight.

So when it comes to your weigh in, this may put some people off as they think they are not losing weight when they’ve been really strict in adhering to their diets. This can be really demoralising and can see many individuals give up the ghost and throw the dieting towel in altogether..

I would suggest that on the nights before your weekly weigh in, just keep a record of what you would normally eat and when you would get to bed and make this a routine for yourself. So of the morning of the next day, you eliminate as many variables as possible, so you can neglect regular levels of water retention from your net weight change.

I would also avoid sodium rich foods the day before because these will make you  hold more water than normal.

If you ladies are likely to feel discouraged by putting on water weight, track your hormonal cycles. If you are aware of the trend, then you will know that for some weeks of the month, you won’t have lost as much weight (if any weight at all) and this will come down to the water and hormones.

When your hormonal levels return to normal, you should see an accelerated drop in your weight to compensate for the loss of water as well as the continual fat loss.

On average, if you track your weight, you will also notice your average weight loss is exactly how you scheduled it, based on your calorific deficit in place.

There are also a lot of diet fads out there that are in place to make you lose water weight only, rather than focusing on burning fat.These are the kinda


‘sweat it out/piss it out/diuretic type diets’.


Unless the goal is to achieve simple weight loss in a short period of time and you do not mind putting it back on,  I would avoid these as it is only temporary.

Manipulation of your water levels by use of taking diuretics or restricting your water intake can be very dangerous and is definitely not necessary to burn fat.

The short term gains are not worth the long term potential death (which will get you super skinny but you wont be able to enjoy it).

A lot of the issues that bodybuilders have had with regards to collapsing on stage have been wrongly attributed to steroids and are more likely to do with electrolyte imbalances from fucking with their body’s water content.

So in short, try not to let the presence of water weight, or the short term manipulation of it, blind your focus on the long term goal of fat loss.

You’ll get there eventually, trust me