Best tips for sticking to your diet – Don’t believe the Hype

No one likes the idea of a diet and because of this, many people falter on their way to getting their dream bodies. Even when armed with all the right information, it’s still very easy to get discouraged about the whole thing and quit.

So here are a couple of things I’ve found that will help you stick with it.

You may not need all of them but some might scream out to you as a good idea and if that’s all it takes to keep you on path, that’s good enough.


Don’t believe the Hype

A lot of diet regimes, gimmicks and products will come out to the main public and  sell themselves as the revolutionary game changer in getting you the results you want.

. garcinia-cambogia-as-seen-on-tv-dr1 .

Before you buy into it, I would ask you to consider this.

When new technology usually comes out, it is usually pushed by those who desire it the most. They are usually the first people to experience anything revolutionary.

The products are highly priced at this point in order to make up for the steep development costs. Once they have found cheaper manufacturing routes and it becomes more cost effective, they then market it to the high class elite members of society.

Once they’ve got it down even cheaper and can strip it down to their bare bones, it gets to you and I. The every day consumer.

This is beautifully illustrated in the film ‘The Devil Wears Prada’ where they discuss this process with regards to fashion. Unfortunately, I can’t find the original on youtube so this Bratz version will have to suffice .



So, with respect to different industries, innovations usually are catered initially towards the following

Technology wise, the first people to see it is usually government/defence/military.

Materials wise, it’s usually aerospace and formula 1

Fashionwise, it’s usually catwalk and editorial high end fashion

Music, will be selected clubs

In films, it’s usually a given festival, conventions or with private showings

With skin products, it’s usually the celebrities or medical research groups

With entertainment, it’ll usually start in the states .

And anything with regards to dieting, usually goes through the bodybuilders first.

Because dieting is a staple of most bodybuilders jobs, the average professional has lost more weight in their careers than you can care to imagine, with the top competitors losing and gaining a total of up to 60 lbs a year.

So if there is anything out there that would make that process easier to handle, they would be the initial target market for it.

Then it’d get to of course the military,  Athletes, High end fashion models, the celebrities and then eventually you and I.

By the time it hits us, it shouldn’t be a brand new process anymore, just something that’s not been affordable to us some time.

I would not expect a diet pill (or an overnight miracle product) that works to bypass all these sectors and be sold to the general market at a relatively cheap price.

If the product is as good as they claim, that’s just bad business sense and no investor in their right mind would allow them to miss out on hard cash like that. It’d be like Nike passing up sponsorship deals with Usain Bolt stars to push the winner of a kindergarten egg and spoon race.




So if you are being sold a product directly and you find that you, the average joe are the first wave of guinea pigs to accepted it, it’s probably not that miracle you were expecting. This may also be the case if they state .


This product works as part of a calorie controlled diet


In reality, you’ll probably find it’s the calorie controlled diet doing most of the work, not the product riding it.

That sentence could literally be applied to anything and be truthful.

For example .


Blinking excessively helps you burn more calories and lose weight as part of a calorie controlled diet


So until Mr Olympia or Rhianna can lose weight without a deficit, then I doubt your ass can either, no matter what the advert says….

If Blinkotron-9000 sounds too good to be true, it probably is.